Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zionism is ethnic cleansing & a culture of violence

Last Thursday in Jerusalem, a group of Israeli teens chased four Palestinian teens shouting racial insults including “Death to Arabs”. One Palestinian tripped & fell & a mob of Israeli teens beat & kicked him until he was comatose while hundreds of bystanders watched the assault without intervening. By Monday, seven Israeli teenagers were in custody accused of what is described by police & media as an attempted “lynching". Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a foundational principle of Israel. Just in the last several days, one can come up with hundreds of instances of Zionist violence against Palestinians: bombing & the continued siege of Gaza, bulldozing of villages in the West Bank, violence against Palestinians by Zionist settlers expropriating Palestinian lands, a firebomb thrown by a Zionist settler at a Palestinian taxi. Not to mention incarceration of hundreds of Palestinians, including nearly 250 children. US media is the very soul of credulity (i.e., hypocrisy) in reporting this vicious incident of apartheid. The NBC headline is “Israelis fret over 'lynching' of Palestinian”. “Fret”!? They go on to report minister of terror, Benjamin Netanyahu’s condemnation of the attack (& they do it with a straight face). The architect of terrorism thunders, "This is not our way, it goes against our values & we strongly condemn it.” But of course, what he really means is, “Oh crap we got caught this time. What would a sensate human say?” NBC does report that Zionist violence against Palestinians is so egregious that (imagine this!) the US State Department now labels it as terrorist, a “catchphrase that is rarely applied to Jews”. Adding poignancy to hypocrisy, NBC reports that an Israeli medical student administered medical aid to the “lynched” Palestinian just to show that things in apartheid are not all “black & white”. Enter the NY Times--the reasonable, suave voice of Zionism! Their report says Jerusalem is “home to about 500,000 Jews & some 300,000 Palestinians, who mostly coexist peacefully though with a constant undertone of political & religious tension. Most of the Palestinians, who chose not to be Israeli citizens but carry Jerusalem residency cards, live in the eastern sector of the city that was captured by Israel from Jordan in the 1967 war & later annexed in a move that has not been internationally recognized.” Don’t those lies make you want to weep!? This lynching crime is not an anomaly that requires psychoanalysis or hand-wringing or God-forbid, more false postmortems. This is apartheid, this culture of violence is the progeny & dead end political strategy of Zionism. For those who oppose apartheid & ethnic cleansing, boycott all Israeli products (barcode beginning 729). (Photo of Israeli suspects by Ohad Zwigenberg/AFP/Getty Image)

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