Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Corporate idiocy: too stupid to run this world

The Conga mine project is in Cajamarca, one of Peru’s most heavily mined regions. The project is an extension of the nearby Yanacocha mine, Latin America's largest gold mine, which is nearing the end of production. Local environmental activists, residents, farmers, & even city dwellers downstream have been battling with the mining company for years because the cyanide solution it uses has contaminated the water sources, killing off wildlife, causing illnesses in livestock, & loss of plant life. In 2000, a Newmont truck spilled mercury, contaminating three towns & poisoning over 900 people. Litigation over the incident involved 1,100 plaintiffs. One wonders then who the mining company (Newmont Corp.) was directing this billboard to; it reads: "What really contaminates the water? Throwing trash in the river contaminates water; modern mining does not contaminate. Taking care of the water in Cajamarca is everyone's responsibility." The cynicism rivals the comedic but is outflanked by the idiocy. Does Newmont Corp. think it’s killed off all intelligent life in the region? Or is it trying to? Or is Newmont proving it is simply too stupid to run a mine? (Photo by Participatory Learning)

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