Thursday, August 9, 2012

Answer to a particularly malicious and racist twit

The (now) banned white supremacist, neo-Nazi thug who goes by the moniker fleming, with his usual brazen and challenging tone, asked two days ago :
"I mean fux, how many Arab countries are winning gold medals at the Olympics? Any? Any?"

Well, here's your "any" and suck on it, twit!:
Makhloufi wins gold for Algeria in 1500m

This, of course doesn't mean that Arabic countries are doing well by any means, quite the contrary, but to single them out is indicative of a particularly malicious tendency to vilify constant with a long history of bigotry as displayed over the years here and on other blogs. BTW, one can have a look at the list of countries which did and did not win gold medals and see that there's nothing peculiar about Arab countries (which, BTW, do not go as one entity "Arabia" in case you ignored it, you uneducated twit) . Non- winners are legion among whom are India, Argentina, Greece, Finland, Mexico, Belgium, Portugal, Serbia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, to name only a few..Here: Medal Tally.
And another to fly in the face of our bitter neo-Nazi flem:
Ousama Melloulli wins gold for Tunisia. (Open water swim).

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