Monday, August 6, 2012

The croc of capitalism

Master sycophant, Charlie Rose, interviewed Henry Kissingtheassofoligarchyfor fun&fortune tonight. Kissassinger croaks like a frog in his older years though it’s not possible to make him more repulsive than he was in his youth when he helped orchestrate the Vietnam War & the Chilean coup. This man is bone-deep cynical & repugnant, morally corrupt in ways the rest of us cannot fathom, & call me out of control, but I want to smash him in the face & squash him like a bug. Like malignant Maggot Thatcher, we await the announcement of his death & regret it isn’t sooner rather than later. And we give our heartfelt regrets to the people of the world he has committed such unspeakable crimes against that we have not been able to bring him to justice.  (Photo with all due apologies to the croc for the odious comparison)

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