Thursday, August 23, 2012

Memorial meeting for slaughtered miners in South Africa

Today, mine workers held a memorial service at the Lonmin Platinum mine, the site where one week ago police massacred 34 striking miners & injured 78 others. Those who have interviewed surviving miners & who have investigated the scene conclude it was a premeditated ambush by the cops--who encircled & assaulted miners with armored vehicles, horses, water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, & live ammo on ground & from helicopters. Not only have women & miner’s families been protesting but two meetings earlier this week involved up to 15,000 workers & families who pledged to continue the strike. South Africa has one of the most unionized work forces in the world & (despite the corruption of its union leadership) has a long history in anti-apartheid struggle. This attack is energizing the struggle for social justice & not just in South Africa. That’s why the media lies against the miners have been so egregious. Once again, they might have picked the wrong people to mess with; this may be where neoliberal plunder in South Africa meets its Waterloo. (Photo by Themba Hadebe/AP)

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