Saturday, August 11, 2012

US elections are getting fun again

Lets face it, things have been dull in the US elections ever since that dithering nimrod Rick Santorum dropped out of the race. With the entry of Paul Ryan things are certainly looking up. Our man with the big ears & wee brain was voted “biggest brown-noser” by classmates in his high school--an auspicious & prophetic honorific. Even his own mother feared he would end up a ski bum. Another prophecy fulfilled though he ended up a bum in Washington, DC rather than Aspen. Ryan credits the writings of Ayn Rand for helping him rise from driving the Wienermobile for Oscar Mayer hot dogs to Wisconsin politician but his classmates probably have a different take on his career. Ryan’s father, grandfather & great-grandfather all died of heart attacks in their 50s. If we’re lucky the genes will kick in.

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