Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why should Cleveland have all the fun?

In a rare public appearance & under the influence of too much Dom Pérignon, some local oligarchs recently went out cavorting. But when they showed up in the town square with their bony asses, they were made unwelcome by the crowds hissing & booing. Mind you, they weren’t attacked with tear gas or water cannons, or stink bombs, like their riot cops do to us. It might have been a golden moment lost for democracy. They should have been lined up against the wall & pummeled with paint bombs & horse manure. The reticence of the citizenry, you can be assured, was due entirely to civility & delicacy (the oligarchs smell bad enough as it is). And when they’re taken down, the citizens of this fair city wanted it to be a more global & shared experience. They were overheard to say, “Why should we have all the fun!?” (Photo by Luis Gene/AFP)

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