Thursday, May 17, 2012

America's dumbest politicians

They need a new reality show entitled, “America’s Dumbest Politicians”. Competition would be stiff but the State of Alabama would surely take first place. After they passed a draconian immigration law last year, undocumented farmworkers fled the state to avoid arrest & deportation. This of course, left thousands of agricultural jobs unfilled & tons of produce rotted in the fields. The half-wits at the statehouse then devised a plan to use unemployed workers instead & what do you know? They too fled the state leaving no forwarding address. Then they decided to use prison labor to work those fields. That didn’t even work with the guys in jail for life without parole. Those tomatoes rotted. Proving they learn nothing from experience, the boneheads yesterday added new provisions to the law making it the worst in the nation (& if you’re worse than Arizona & top Jan Brewer, you need to have yourself committed ). One of the new provisions allows someone to be arrested for up to 48 hours until their immigration status is verified. That should cut down on tourism in the state. Soon enough the state will be a wasteland run by feral politicians eating each other. Immigration rights activists have been protesting this bill for a while & held one yesterday at the statehouse. In this photo, seven activists are being arrested & hauled away. They make us proud!  (Photo by Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advertiser)

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