Monday, May 7, 2012

Please take a moment to sign a petition to help this orangutan get home

This photo is from the Surabaya Zoo in Surabaya, Indonesia, a hell hole where over 4,000 animals are held captive in cramped cement cages, feed only on peanuts thrown at them by spectators, suffer from untreated diseases & injuries, disabilities, & lack of exercise, & die at the rate of 15 to 25 animals a month. An interim & probably short-term team was sent in to improve conditions (at least until animal welfare activists stop making a stink about the neglect). Here Sinyo, a 10-year-old orangutan is being bathed by a zookeeper. You can help the little guy get back to the forest where he belongs by signing this petition:  (Photo by Fully Handoko/EPA)

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