Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homeless in Mogadishu

Homeless in Mogadishu, Somalia: nothing more belies the counterterrorism aggression of the UN, African Union troops, & US special forces, CIA rendition prisons, & drone attacks in Somalia than the nearly 2 million homeless people. Many displaced people seek sanctuary in overcrowded refugee camps without sufficient food, medical care, sanitation. Many move into the derelict government buildings of this shattered country, including former ministries, hospitals, schools, shops. Many are left to forage on the street without shelter. Now, just last month the UN-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) without notice began evicting 50,000 squatters in the abandoned buildings to renovate & “build the economy”. And whose economy would that be!? This young boy, who is glue-sniffing, lives under a bridge in Mogadishu & this photo tells you everything you need to know about UN, AU, & US policies in Somalia. Demand the end of all US operations--overt & covert--in Somalia. (Photo by Omar Faruk)

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