Saturday, May 26, 2012

Creeping sharia stopped in Kansas!

Surely there’s nothing more alarming on driving through the prairie state of Kansas, USA, than the ubiquitous evidence of creeping sharia law. On the very first exit off the main highway, one immediately passes a falafel shop--in Wichita, no less--& sitting there defiantly next to McDonald’s & Walmart.  Further down the road, a deli with a swarthy looking clerk is serving hummus. How sharia do you get!?  And the health food shop just around the corner is selling incense sticks of jasmine & frankincense. It’s an affront to everything this country stands for--which is junk food & smelling like a billy goat! If this isn’t decisively ended, soon enough we’ll have stonings & floggings & fatwas & jihads & surely we can’t have all that! If you think it’s just a load of right-wing bull than you don’t know that judges around the country (with secret links to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, & al-Qaeda) are citing sharia law in divorce, custody, & property matters. We’re just a blink away from being run by caliphs applying sharia law. So thank your lucky stars the state of Kansas has led the way--& not a moment too soon--in making a law prohibiting sharia law in Kansas. Twenty other states are also deliberating laws against this deadly threat not just to our judicial system but to our national sovereignty. Critics of this new ban say it singles out Muslims for ridicule but others say Kansas comes out the worst in that regard.

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