Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Medal of Shame

It’s no surprise Obomba would award war criminal, Madeleine Albright the Medal of Freedom yesterday. To most of us, Albright will always best be known for claiming the lives of 500,000 Iraqi children were worth US policy objectives in Iraq; to Obomba, she is a “champion of democracy, human rights, & good governance across the globe”. Good grief! The ruling elite have all sorts of honorifics they dish out to disreputable people who serve them without scruple. After all, Obomba who is orchestrating six wars & Henry Kissinger both won the Nobel Peace Prize. The surprise is that anyone would think these awards worth a damn thing. Dylan didn’t win it for his music but for performing in Israel & ignoring the cultural boycott of Israel for apartheid against Palestinians. Toni Morrison didn’t win it for her literature but for her regrettable habit of sucking up to whichever president is in power. Shimon Peres of Israel, won it for promoting a bantustate solution for Palestinians & given how disastrous that has proven for them, he ought to be incarcerated, not lauded. One could only wish Albright recognized the hypocrisy of this award & is here hanging her head in shame. (Photo by Luke Sharrett/NYTimes)

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