Sunday, May 27, 2012

The cement heart of Cruella de Vil Legarde

Cruella de Vil Legarde of the IMF, says she has no sympathy at all for the hardships caused Greeks by the IMF austerity program since they’re tax dodgers--and she’s not referring to the 15 Greek billionaires & umpteen millionaires who a few years ago started salting their money in banks in Switzerland, the UK, & Cyprus to avoid taxes. To show she’s not heartless, she says she has more sympathy for the people of sub-Saharan Africa--specifically the country of Niger--than for the Greeks. She’s not troubled by the awkward & loathsome nature of such a comparison, but others are. In Niger the IMF program  promoted the oil & mining industries for investor/plunderers, caused food & fuel prices to rise, & created mass famine. That’s where Greece & the rest of us are headed under IMF mandates. In a just world, the IMF will be dismantled & Legarde & other officials prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

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