Monday, February 20, 2012

Wall Street Abandons Republicans -- Now Supports Higher Taxes on the Wealthy

"...much of Wall Street is on-board with some of the tax changes Obama has been proposing. "I would tax dividends and interest income higher and capital gains," said Dimon. "Have a higher tax rate. If you said there'd be a certain percent rate for people making over a million dollars and a higher percent rate for people making over $10 million, no problem with me. I don't think people should be able to pass unlimited amounts on to their kids."

Even Home Depot founder and financier Ken Langone ("You bet I'm a fat cat," he told me proudly) isn't arguing for the status quo. "I would enthusiastically embrace a tax increase," he told me. "I'm more than willing to pay taxes. I'm saying, take the money and use it to lower the debt." New York Magazine
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  1. Greeks bearing gifts. They're up to no good.