Wednesday, February 22, 2012

David against Goliath in Afghanistan

In the Afghan version of David & Goliath, young men assail the largest US-NATO airbase in Afghanistan with slingshots & sticks. The media is taking the story that it's all about the Koran desecration & running it around the block to make it appear they’re religious fanatics & irrational. You have to hunt the media like a detective to know there are millions of Afghan refugees, homeless, unemployed, impoverished. This is more likely as the old Arab proverb puts it, the straw that broke the camel's back. (Photo by Shah Marai/AFP)


  1. Mary Scully, lets deal with facts that you know very well:
    1) The Taliban are paid for proxies of certain countries
    2) the Taliban pay their workers a higher salary than the Afghan National Army pays its soldiers
    3) The Taliban have better quality weapons and logistics than the Afghan National Army
    4) The vast majority of Afghans want the Afghan National Army to defeat the Taliban

  2. Most Afghans and ANSF believed that the UN, ISAF, NATO, international community backs the Taliban, Pakistani Army and Saudi Arabia against them. Something else Mary Scully also knows.

    Mary is biased by her hatred of the UN and international community. Much the way some members of the US congress want to bomb the UN in New York. Her hatred of the UN prevents her from thinking straight.

  3. Ease up there, Lal Bhujjakar. Mary is not British.
    Some of us remember when the Taliban were proxies for Washington; when al-Qa'ida were trained by the CIA, and Usama bin Ladin was given $70 million by the US.
    You are a hypocritical fool as well as a racist fool.