Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Environmental protests in Mexico

Many countries now face massive air, water, & other pollution problems from unbridled  industrial development, wars (& US bombing), nuclear emissions, & neglect mandated by IMF austerity programs. For many years, Mexico City held the inglorious distinction of being one of the most polluted cities in the world. Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, trapped fumes make the air a toxic brew but the causes are industrial facilities, motor vehicles, power plants, & deforestation around the capital city. Pollutants from these sources include sulfur dioxide, suspended particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, ground-level ozone, & carbon monoxide. Lethal stuff. As a result, an estimated 500,000 residents suffer some sort of health problem like lung & skin diseases. Yesterday, activists in 15 Mexican cities covered statues of historic figures with gas masks to demand the government take action. Btw, of the 10 cities ranked most polluted last year, 8 are in India, Iran, Pakistan (the other two are in Mongolia & Botswana). (Photo by Xinhua/Pedro Mera)

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