Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Neoliberal landfills provide the only employment for the dispossessed

Poor Palestinians are sifting through garbage dumped by an Israeli truck at a landfill near Hebron, West Bank. There are dozens of photos from countries around the world, including Guatemala, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico where children, the poor, unemployed & dispossessed are forced to scrounge through toxic garbage dumps to find food, clothing, & recyclable items. Not  only is it monstrous there are no jobs or social services but the predatory oligarchs are beginning to choke the planet on their own damn garbage. (Photo by Abed Al Hashlamoun/EPA)


  1. Mary Scully, answer this question. Have neoliberal policies helped over 1.5 billion Chinese and Indians work their way out of poverty since 1979? Yes, or no?

  2. No, short for nonsense.

  3. Thank you, Veolia.