Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tribute to victims of Spanish fascism

A protestor honors the victims of Franco’s fascist terror & the Spanish Civil War by placing a red carnation at the photo tribute outside the trial of Judge Baltasar Garzon in Madrid, Spain. The fascist regime used mass murder to silence democracy & dissent but the victims have come back to haunt justice. Right-wing groups used a clause in Spanish law to prosecute & prevent the judge from investigating & exposing the barbarous crimes of fascism. The Spanish government, which gave amnesty to the fascists, is complicit with these groups to mask its own guilt. There is no reconciliation without truth & there is no statute of limitation on justice. Thousands are dumped in mass graves & the families want the crimes investigated, the graves sites identified, & the institutions & individuals that perpetrated these crimes brought to justice. (Photo by Paul White)

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