Friday, July 20, 2012

Who runs Spain now!?

Plebeian minds viewing this photo would say, “This is what democracy looks like”: millions of Spaniards in 80 municipalities marching against the IMF & Eurobank imposed austerity program of attacks on working people. But while millions of irate working people are voting “hell no” on the assaults, the Eurozone finance ministers, IMF, & Spanish banks are finalizing the deal. So who runs Spain now!? What happened to national sovereignty? What happened to democracy? Why do bankers in Spain, Germany, France, & the UK get to decide who will pay the price for capitalism’s high crimes & misdemeanors!? Events are moving us way past indignation & pointing in the direction of revolution. Throw the bums out! (Photo of Madrid, July 19th, 2012; photographer not identified)

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