Thursday, July 19, 2012

Omar is dead. Whoop-dee-doo!

Omar Suleiman is dead. What is there to say about him when even the NY Times, the mouth piece of US capital, cannot find any good to say about him? The LA Times in a damning obituary noted he was a snappy dresser. That’s the best they can do? So let’s not beat around the bush: Omar was a human slug without a single redeeming quality. His delight was torturing decent people in the most vile & violent ways that even gave his CIA collaborators pause. We are not interested in the forensics of his demise; we only want to know where to show up to celebrate. The Egyptian people who he tyrannized & tortured for decades rose up & threw his ugly ass out of office & when he tried to run for president they rose up & bounced him again. He didn’t die from heart disease. He didn’t have one. He died because the Egyptian uprising made him face what a despicable monster he really was without the trappings of state power. The only thing you can say about him that isn’t damning is that he’s dead. May he RIP if that can be done in hell. Amen.
Read more, NY Times
And here, LA Times

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