Tuesday, July 10, 2012

South Korean intelligence has too much time on its hands

One doesn’t know exactly what to do with this news report about the unknown (“mysterious”, no less) woman standing next to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un at a concert. According to one London newspaper, South Korean intelligence sources say she is a singer who wrote songs entitled 'Footsteps of Soldiers,' 'She is a Discharged Soldier,’ 'We are Troops of the Party,’ & ‘Excellent Horse-Like Lady.’ Now why would you want to bomb a country that produces hits that make Justin Bieber look good!? The article says North Korea is notoriously secretive about its leaders. Does that mean every time Kim Jong Un goes out on a date he has to check in with South Korean intelligence? Western media also can’t get over the fact that this performance included Disney characters like Mickey Mouse since North Korea usually shuns western entertainment. A few viewings of Disney would more than explain their distaste but not their change of heart. (Photo of Kim Jong Un & the “mystery woman” by Korean Central News Agency)

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