Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forget the prayers, start begging, Rummy!

Prayer cannot save this dull-witted sloth so he might as well give it up & start begging for our mercy (which will not be forthcoming). Privilege & entitlement are hard things to overcome but for Rummy they have proven the kiss of death for any sense of humanity & decency. Along with entitlement, he nurtured his already vacuous soul at the intellectual trough of such writers as David Landes, who wrote “The Wealth And Poverty Of Nations”. Landes’s book can’t be considered scholarship but rather is an odious defense of inequality wherein he defends slavery as good for Blacks. Before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, that was common in histories of slavery but that great social movement brought Black scholarship to the fore, demolishing past histories as only good for toilet paper & land fill. But this had no affect on the venal mind of Landes, who made a fortune writing economic rubbish as a minion for Wall Street. These regrettable influences explain how Rummy could support the Vietnam War while getting an exemption from serving, though hundreds of thousands of Black Americans & other working class kids did serve. It was good for them to get drafted to fight a rich man’s war!? Now this slug is saying Palestinian culture explains their income inferiority relative to Israel, ignoring the Israeli occupation & apartheid--& he cited Landes's book in his support. Many conclusions can be drawn from this man’s rise to influence: one would be the bankruptcy of US electoral politics; the other would be that immense wealth can buy even a slug some stature. But prayer can still not save his soul! (Photo by Dan Balilty/AP)

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