Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's a bucket compared to a water cannon!?

In protests around the world, we have seen activists get the worst of it from riot cops using water cannons against protests. But in this album of photos taken in Oviedo, Spain at the protest & sit-in against the eviction of an Ecuadorian family, we see protestors within the house giving riot cops the water treatment by pouring buckets down on them while they try to break down the door of the building. This photo is from a Greek publication on the protest. The article points out that about one million Spaniards face eviction. If you take umbrage at this treatment of the cops, look through the album in the link (& a former post on this FB wall)  to compare their aggression against the protestors.ισπανία-τα-ματ-κάνουν-έξωση-σε-ανήμπορ/

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