Thursday, July 5, 2012

Israeli Occupation Forces need you! Join the hasbara brigade!

Join IDF’s Virtual Hasbara Army

by Richard Silverstein

IDF Ranks - Join the Game!

IDF Ranks-Join Hasbara Brigade!

Every once in a while (all too often I’m afraid) articles come along like this one from today’s Jerusalem Post. While reading them you stare at the page in a cross between utter disbelief and hilarity that someone in a position of authority in the IDF actually believes that the idiocy they’re peddling is a good idea. In this case, Ruth Eglash, the Post’s intrepid “digital media editor” (at least that’s what her Twitter bio states), writes that the IDF is looking for a few thousand good men–and perhaps even a few women. They should be pro-Israel Walter Mitty types who may’ve dreamed of joining the Israeli army but couldn’t either because they’re long in the tooth or wide in the paunch. Now, the hasbara brigade is inviting them to do the next best thing: join the virtual army and play a game called “Israel Ranks“:

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