Sunday, July 22, 2012

US-NATO out of Syria
This post is dedicated to the memory of Ibrahim Kashoush, a Syrian folksinger called the “nightingale of the revolution”, who changed the lyrics of traditional wedding & celebratory songs to create protest songs. In June & July 2011, he led hundreds of thousands of Syrian protestors chanting for democracy. On July 5th, 2011, brother Ibrahim’s body was found dumped in the Assi River with his adam’s apple & voice chord cut out--as a clear warning to those who spoke out against the Bashar al-Assad regime. We honor Ibrahim Kashoush as we honor the thousands of other martyrs of the Syrian opposition to tyranny. We are unalterably opposed to any US-NATO military intervention into Syria--either directly or by proxy--because we want the popular uprising against Bashar to succeed & not be compromised & destroyed by US military & paramilitary scheming. And we reject the libertarian point of view that this uprising is orchestrated entirely by the CIA, Mossad, & other spy agencies--because libertarians have nothing but contempt for working people as agents of transformative change in society. Long live the Syrian uprising! Down with Bashar’s tyranny! And tribute to Ibrahim Kashoush & the thousands of Syrians who have lost their lives & paid a terrible price for freedom! Your sacrifice is a beacon to suffering humanity around the world & will live on in our struggles.

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