Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women role models & caricatures

This cogent article is well worth reading about women’s studies but more importantly about how women are seen in our world. If you ask many young girls to name a woman “hero” or role model, they will likely come up with Wonder Woman or some other sexualized caricature, like on the left & not of such remarkable figures as Sojourner Truth, on the right. Before you read it, try to think of a few women in history--in art, music, invention, science, politics whom you consider noteworthy. You’re going to draw a blank. But women have played significant roles in all these endeavors despite systematic exclusion, arrant ridicule, & refusal to acknowledge. Though it might be said, in politics women have been less involved in government than in rebellion & social movements. (Portrait of Sojourner Truth by Andrew Barthelmes)

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