Friday, June 8, 2012

US-NATO out now!

Afghanis gather at a house destroyed Wednesday in a NATO night bombing in Logar province. NATO officials claim several Taliban militants were killed in the bombing & 2 civilian women who suffered minor injuries were treated at a military facility. Afghani villagers say they were not Taliban militants at all but civilians gathered from out of town for a wedding party. They showed 18 bodies to reporters, including 5 women, 7 children, & 6 men. A news report claimed, “The differing casualty counts could not immediately be reconciled.”  That’s the way it is with NATO lies, night time bombing, & reckless disregard for human lives. Nothing can be reconciled. NATO dispatched a team ostensibly to investigate the discrepancies but since the US & NATO have still not come clean on the massacre of 17 Afghans last March, we can expect zilch to come from this except more lies. (If you recall, the Pentagon account claimed the massacre in March was the work of a lone gunman while Afghan witnesses said several soldiers were involved.) US war minister, Leon Panetta, was in Afghanistan at the time of the bombing criticizing Pakistan for inaction against al-Qaeda & threatening more US drone attacks in Pakistan to root out al-Qaeda. The US regime appears to be driven by an irrational compulsion to war & wreaking havoc & they must be stopped. 2014 is not soon enough for the withdrawal of troops. Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all US-NATO troops. (Photo by Ihsanullah Majroh/AP)

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