Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barn yard menagerie

Pigs get an awful bad rap as a simile for at least three of the cardinal sins: gluttony, avarice, & sloth. In “Animal  Farm”, Orwell did them disservice by making them either dictatorial or manipulative orators. But according to the Chinese Zodiac, pigs are loyal, tolerant, chivalrous, idealistic--with the added advantage that if you’re born in the year of the pig, you’re likely to be rich. Despite questionable hygiene, they’re also known for intelligence & sociability, have given long service to the human race, & provide great entertainment in the personas of Miss Piggy, Babe, Porky Pig, & The Three Little Pigs. Chickens peck & poop too much but goats are not known to have a single imperfection.

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