Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Israel deporting asylum seekers

Starting Sunday night, the apartheid state of Israel started deporting African immigrants (or “illegal work infiltrators”, as creepy Netanyahu calls them) back to their home countries. This 9-year-old girl named Bhakita Koang Gai, cries as she boards the bus taking her to the Tel Aviv airport for deportation to South Sudan. After Israeli politicians whipped up racist rampages against African immigrants, hundreds of immigrants have been arrested, & thousands are slated for deportation. Most of the migrants are asylum seekers from civil conflict, famine, & war & under international law, Israel is obliged to provide sanctuary. One wonders why they bother to make international laws when psycho-states like Israel flaunt them so egregiously without condemnation. South Sudan has been declared a disaster zone by its own government. It has thousands of internally displaced persons, widespread famine, & some of the worst health indicators in the world (including infant mortality & the highest maternal mortality in the world), with one doctor for every 500,000 people. Despite its own shameful human rights record, the US has never been shy about protesting the violations of others. But in this instance it is notably mute because as Israel’s inarticulate Interior Minister said: "We are sending the infiltrators, migrants, back to their homes like all countries in the West, in Europe, in the USA act when dealing with migrants."  (Photo by Baz Ratner/Reuters)

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