Friday, June 15, 2012

Egyptian uprising in jeopardy

The Egyptian revolution is today entering an ominous & threatening period. When a massive, popular uprising threw Hosni Mubarak out on his ass last year, the military junta promised democratic elections & an end of military rule. But you never trust a snake not to bite. The Egyptian uprising plays such a central role in inspiring other Arab uprisings & protests in Africa, Europe, Latin America, & the US against austerity & tyranny that in the minds of the oligarchs it must be reversed. The most malignant minds around the world are working overtime to find a way to destroy the resistance & spirit of the Egyptian people. Yesterday, Egypt’s highest court--certainly at the behest of the junta--ruled that Mubarak’s last prime minister can remain in the presidential race despite massive protests against his candidacy & they ruled that the newly elected parliament must be dissolved. This leaves the Egyptian people right back where they were before they ousted Mubarak--with military dictatorship fully in control. They have already paid too high a price with activists beaten, tortured, incarcerated, murdered. They need our full active solidarity. Here a young boy (with the date of the revolution painted on his face) joins thousands of others protesting in front of the court against the rulings. The Egyptian military has yet to learn what Israel knows so well from Palestinian youth standing with rocks against tanks & bulldozers: when the young are aligned against you, there will be no peace for a very long time. All solidarity with the Egyptian people in their struggle against the military junta! (Photo by Amr Nabil/AP)

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