Monday, June 25, 2012

Does Egypt Have a New President?

There are celebrations in some quarters in the Arab world. Some are celebrating the defeat of Ahmad Shafik (the candidate of Israel, US, EU, Saudi Arabia, and the old regime order of Egypt.)

Some are celebrating the assumption of Islamism to power in Egypt. Others are celebrating the victory of the Qatari candidate. And yet others are celebrating the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in the most important Arab country.

Islamists from Iran to Algeria are pleased that Islamism seems to be ascendants. But there is no need to celebrate, although Islamists are justified in opening champagne bottles. It is a big occasion for all Islamists.

But the election should be seen for what it is: politics in Egypt has not been freed up since the downfall of Mubarak. The entire political game is run by an unelected body of generals – all of whom have been handpicked by Mubarak himself.

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