Thursday, June 28, 2012

When terrorists morph into lap dogs

US & UK media comments on this moment express incredulity & admiration that Betty Windsor would shake hands with Northern Ireland’s Martin McGuinness, the former Irish Republican Army (IRA) man who admitted responsibility in bombing the yacht of Louie Mountbatten (her cousin & the the uncle of her consort Phil). McGuinness called this hand shake deliberate, symbolic, “momentous & historical” and unlike other guests, chose not to bow his head (the male form of curtsying)--since he thought kissing her ass was quite enough servility for one day. McGuinness waxed euphoric about this regrettable moment in a speech at Parliament in London & his comments are too groveling to report but he blithered on about reconciliation, the UK’s refusal to formally investigate massacres of unarmed Catholic activists in Northern Ireland, & chided the British government for hampering reconciliation by refusing to admit its role in the conflict that killed thousands of civilians. Instead, he offered the hand of friendship to Betty Windsor & said “Dialogue has replaced conflict”. Terrorism is elitist & always a bankrupt political strategy but doesn’t it make you want to weep when yesterdays terrorists become todays lap dogs!? Irish Republicanism is alive, weak, & still the only possible solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland. (Photo by Paul Faith/Getty Images)

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