Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horsey birthday, Betty Windsor!

This is a special day in feudal England called Trooping the Colour to celebrate the birthday of Betty Windsor. Phil, her “anus horribilis” was let out of hospital ostensibly for bladder problems but everyone knows he has chronic flatulence problems due to the psychological stress of suppressing Nazi outbursts in public. Her birthday was celebrated with an extravagant martial display (they had to close 10 hospitals to pay for it) of military bands, 41-gun salutes, RAF flybys, mounted troops & horse parades. The history of this thing is buried in ancient feudalism & the esoteric arts but the horse thing is a special tribute to Betty. If there’s one thing Betty knows, it’s horses--after all, she married the rear end of one & spends most of her time at the track. That explains why she doesn’t mind the smell of all that horse manure. This was a martial display unlike any other; it makes all that goose-stepping in Pyongyang, North Korea pale by comparison. The thousands of foot soldiers on parade don’t goose-step; they prance like fillies. England, you’ve got to put a stop to this nonsense! There were many special moments in the day but this one of WWWWilly, Chucky, & some ancient relative they dragged from a crypt is most memorable. They can’t see so they’re completely dependent on the horse. There’s a metaphor there. (Photographer not identified)

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