Monday, December 19, 2011

Enough with the praise,Hitchens loved the smell of dead Muslim flesh in the morning


  1. This  photograph suggests a less hostile younger man -

    but he reminds me of the French saying, "Jusqu'a<span>

     trente ans, révolutionnaire; depuis, canaille." Hitchens just took a little longer to reach the canaille zone.

  2. I heard of his death on NPR driving home from work,  I didn't even know he was suffering from cancer.

    In his later years he seemed to have lost a sense of something, I don't know what, or just lost some sense, but we must remember this could happen to any one of us.

  3. He lost his sense of honor; decided to pander to the empire by baiting people working against it.  No loss!

  4. Please don't make fun of Hitchens. I have been a huge fan since High School. The Hitch fought for what was right.

    Hitchens always supported the Palestinian cause. He was also very loyal to his Kurdish friends. Once he decided to support a cause, he was in it to the end.

    When the world [UN, Iran, Turkey, US, Europe, USSR, China, India etc.] did wrong by the Kurds, the Hitch eviserated them. The Hitch never abondoned the Kurds. No matter where it took him.

    To say that the kurds were an empire is bizarre. They weren't. How was supporting the Kurds and the Iraqi Army supporting an empire?

    However, I didn't like the way the Hitch sometimes went after Al Dawa and SCIRI. I didn't get it at all.

    The Hitch called for an alliance between Iran, NATO, India, Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq against Takfiri. I fully supported this. But Bush didn't try to form an alliance with Iran like the wise Hitch advised. Too bad. Bush's great mistake.

    The Hitch understood the Takfiri threat in the 1990s. the Hitch understood that the two greatest threats in the world were parts of the KSA and Pakistani establishment. [Actually the Hitch just said KSA and Pakistan.] The Hitch was one of the few who spoke up on behalf of the Shiites and Sufis of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Hitch spoke up on behalf of the 60 thousand Indians mass murdered by Salafi extremists before 9/11. Who else did?

    The Hitchens loved India. Unfortunately the Hitch didn't understand the greatness of Turkey. Because of his dedication to Kurds and Armenians, the Hitch always bashed Turkey. Very sad. Since I like Turks. :(

    I most loved Hitchen's explorations of God and faith. They were his best work.

  5. Why don't you like PM Maliki, President Talabani, the fully legitimate sovereign Iraqi government and the 700 thousand Iraqi security forces loyal to that government?

    These are good people. They deserve your support. Why do you use the word empire as a pejorative against them.

    Unlike America [which won America's freedom mostly with French, Dutch, Spanish and other foreign help], the Iraqis mostly won their own freedom 2003-2008 through their own efforts and their own blood and sacrifice.

    650 thousand brave Iraqi Security Forces fought. 18 thousand gave up their lives. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed at Al Qaeda and Takfiri. They died in freedom's cause.

    Please don't dishonor Iraqi sacrifices for Iraqi freedom.

  6. Hitchens defended the Kurds all of his life. They are Muslims. He wrote in passionate defense of the Muslims against the Serbs. He wanted ordinary Iraqis to be free of Saddam Hussein. Condemn the war and its consequences, but you are way off the mark when you claim Hitchens merely wanted Muslims killed. He shed no tears for the fundamentalists or the dictators' minions and he was right about that!

  7. <span>"Why don't you like PM Maliki, President Talabani, the fully legitimate sovereign Iraqi government and the 700 thousand Iraqi security forces loyal to that government? "</span>

    Neither Buh nor Linda did mention anything about Maliki, Talabani etc. You're puuting words in their mouths. You always use this despicable procedure to slander commenters of this blog. Why don't you respond to what they say and not to what you want them have said, ya kalb?

  8. You forgot one thing, VZA. He believed that women have lousy sense of humour. Do you agree with that too?

  9. I don't believe someone who called for and applauded the war ON Iraq (one million deaths) can be lauded for anything good he ever did. Hitchens was a staunch atheist and so am I and yet everything he wrote or said in that sense becomes suspiciously tainted in my eyes. I received "God is not Great" as a present last year. I refuse to read it.

  10. Thanks for this link, Jemmy. Quel parcours de "combattant"?!  Canaille indeed.

  11. <span> I received "God is not Great" as a present last year. I refuse to read it.;</span>
    Sorry, that is  just strange and narrow and surprises me to no end, Tgia.  Do you also refuse to continue to reside in Australia? Do you refuse to pay taxes? Australia was and is one of our strongest allies in the war. Your taxes helped the war effort.

  12. I did not agree with a lot of things Hitchens would say, often in an alcohol induced bravado. So what? He was a flawed individual, but aren't we all?I have relatives who have some views that I find stupid...what should I do? Refuse to ever speak to them again?
    I was responding to the childish and simplistic charge that he enjoyed the smell of dead Muslim flesh. There is conclusive proof otherwise.

    I have noticed something very interesting about all those writers who express such disgust of Hitchens. The violence of their reaction to a writer who had NO influence upon actual policy is so much stronger than anything I ever heard from them when Saddam Hussein was slaughtering his people in the thousands and terrorizing those he did not kill. Very strange, indeed.

  13. anan
    "<span>Please don't dishonor Iraqi sacrifices for Iraqi freedom."</span>
    Those who fought , sacrificed for Iraqi freedom and against the illegal occupation will for ever be remembered. As for the illegitmate pawn illegitimate gov of iraq , they're just that hence history will have a nice spot for them in it's dustbin.

  14. The many tens of thousands of non Iraqi foreign fighters who fought against Iraq were enemies of Iraq. The Iraqis, their fully sovereign, fully legitimate government, and 650 thousand ISF defeated them. With some international help to be sure.

    VAA, when will you admit that the Iraqi government and ISF have "WON!" They can't be defeated. They used some international help to train and equip their security forces for a while. What is wrong with that?

    Even Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, GCC have given up on supporting sectarian sunni arab militias fighting the Iraqis.

    Why do you continue to praise illegal illegitimate sectarian sunni arab militias that fought Iraqis 2003-2007? The Government of Iraq wasn't an "occupation." The Iraqi Army wasn't an Iranian puppet. They were Iraqi nationalists.

  15. That is exactly what they were saying.

    They were attacking the Iraqis for accepting help from from the UN and international community.

    The UN repeatedly unanimously supported the Multinational Forces Iraq and unanimously  requested all countries to contribute to it. [From August 2003 to 2008 when the UN mandate expired.]

    The UN repeatedly and unanimously endorsed the Government of Iraq as the sole legitimate fully sovereign Iraqi government from June 2004 onwards and stated that the MNF-I served in Iraq at the pleasure of the Iraqi government to assist the Iraqi government and Iraqi Security Forces.

    The MNF-I provided trainers, advisors and combat enablers to the 650 thousand ISF. They also directly conducted security operations on their own 2003-2006 independent of the ISF at the request of the Government of Iraq. In 2007, the ISF took control over the rest of Iraq and the MNF-I served as embedded advisors to the ISF. [One international brigade advising every 5 to 10 Iraqi brigades.]

    Every country has the sovereign right to request help from foreign countries, the UN, and international community if it chooses. The Government of Iraq chose to accept international help because it felt it was in a proxy war with 15 of its lovely brotherly neighbors.

    Even you can't dispute this

  16. TGIA, America very heavily used international help to fight against English oppressors 1775-1783.

    The Iraqis also used international help to fight the evil Saddam and later Al Qaeda 1975-2008. But some Iraqis would tell you that the difference is that Iraqis did more of the heavy lifting in winning their war for Iraqi freedom 2006-2008 than George Washington did winning American freedom 1775-1783. Many of the most critical battles in America's freedom struggle were mostly won by the French and others.

  17. VZA, Iraqis would say that Saddam killed millions.

    TGIA, who killed Iraqis? Many Arabs would say Maliki death squads [trained, equipped, funded and assisted by Jews and Americans].

    It was the ISF [assisted by MNF-I] that was trying to protect the Iraqi people. Why did non Iraqi foreign fighters from the neighbors kill tens of thousands of dead Iraqis.

    Please don't blame Maliki and his foreign allies for Saddam killing millions.

  18. TGIA, you know darn well that violence in Iraq increased several fold after the Iraqi government took over Iraq in June, 2004. You can't blame that on the Iraqi government or the UN and its international supporters.

    It is the enemies of iraq that murdered Iraqis. They were motivated by hatred of iraqis, the governement of Iraq and the 650 thousand Iraqi Security Forces.