Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jewish National Fund board member resigns over eviction of Palestinian family in Silwan

Wow! Looks like someone in that cesspool has a bit of humanity (and moral sense) left in him.

Via Mondoweiss:
Seth Morrison writes in the Forward about his decision to resign from the Jewish National Fund board, and sever all ties with the organization, over the eviction of the Sumarin family in Silwan:
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  1. <span>He writes:
    "I have learned that the action on the Sumarin home is not an isolated case. JNF has gained ownership of other Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem and, in many instances, then transferred these properties through its subsidiaries to Elad, a settler organization whose purpose is to “Judaize” East Jerusalem.
    In my eyes, the expulsion of the Sumarin family is a violation of human rights. But it is also part of the systematic transfer of Palestinian property to ideological settlers who wish to put facts on the ground that hinder a lasting peace agreement."</span>