Friday, December 23, 2011

Anonymous takes down Egyptian Websites.

DECEMBER 20TH, 2011–In what appears to be a massive and carefully orchestrated DDoS attack, a dozen Egyptian government websites have been taken down. Sites ranging from the Presidential website to the bureau for Tourism have been hit.

The hacktivist group Anonymous has taken credit for the attack on at least one Brazilian Operations page. The hackers claim the attacks are in response to the brutal treatment of protesters in the country. The hashtags #Egypt #Solidarity #Anonymous #CabinCr3w were used repeatedly on twitter as the event was being reported live, followed by the familiar phrase, “Tango Down.” The phrase was used by hackers before after defacing the CIA’s website.

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  1. صديقي تي جي أنا أسف هذا السؤال ليس له علاقه بالموضوع أعلاه. ولكني كمحب للفنان إسماعيل شموط أردت أن أعرف شيئ عن تقويمك لفنه إذا كان وقتك يسمح لك

  2. Dear Abu Zuhair
    I have heard and seen some of Shammout's works but not enough to be able to talk about his art confidently right now. But I'm going to have another look and come back to you on this one.

  3. Abu Zuhair, I look forward to learning from you.