Monday, December 19, 2011

Israel’s Lies and myths

Contributed by VAA
To revisit one of the most important of these myths about the infant state of Israel, the number of Arab armies that invaded Israel after its establishment is described in a range of standard accounts as ranging from Five to seven.However,there were only seven independent Arab states in 1948 (some hardly independent, and some hardly sates in any meaningful sense of the word), two of which,Saudi Arabia and Yemen, did not even have regular armies and no means of getting any armed forces they might have had to Palestine.Beyond his,of the five Arab regular Arab regular armies,one(That of Lebanon) never crossed the international frontier with Palestine,two(those of Iraq and Transjordan) scrupulously refrained from crossing the frontiers of the Jewish state laid down in the United Nation plan as per secret Jordanian understandings with both Britain and the Zionist leadership and thus never "invaded" Israel, and one ( that of Syria) made only minor inroads across the new Israeli state's frontiers. The only serious and long lasting incursion into the territory of the Jewish state as laid under the partition plan was that of the Egyptian army.Meanwhile the fiercest fighting during 48 war took place with the Jordanian army during multiple Israeli OFFENSIVES into area assigned by the UN. to the Arab state.This story of an invasion by multiple, massive Arab armies, and other legends,is not just an important element of the Israeli myth of origin:it's a nearly universal myth.


  1. Have extensively researched this. Still I know less than a millionth of 1%.

    The Israeli side also had multiple militias. Some of which actively disliked each other.

    Some Palestinian Israelis [now called Israeli Arabs] actually opposed some of the invading Arab armies. Some of the foreign arab armies were in conflict with each other. And the Israelis had understandings with the Jordanian army.

    The reason what became Israel wasn't completely overun was substantial aid from the USSR, East Germany, Yugoslavia. [For whatever reason Israel continues to have a very close near alliance with Serbia.] Turkey also helped Israel.

    This is all deeply complex. Identities such as "Israel" and "Palestinian" hadn't fully formed yet. Plus there was still dispute on the differences between Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians.

    VAA, I have long argued that the reason that one of the main reasons immigrants began to move to Palestine towards the end of the harsh Ottoman Turk occupation [that happened to be of the Jewish faith] was because the Turks viewed their Jewish subjects to be pro Turk and Turkish collaborators against the growing Arab resistance that fought for Arab freedom.

    This was another factor that damaged relations between Palestinians of the Jewish versus Atheist, Christian, Sunni, Shiite faiths.

    Israelis still claim that many Palestinians moved to Palestine from neighboring states at this time. Probably true. But the numbers were probably fewer that immigrants of the Jewish faith.

    There are several things about Palestine that I don't understand at all.

    Immigrants to America are as American as any American.
    Immigrants to Canada are as Canadian as any Canadian.
    Immigrants to Australia are as Australian as any Australian.
    Immigrants to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand are as authentically a citizen of their countries as any local born citizen.
    Sonia Gandhi [an Italian immigrant] was as Indian as any Indian.

    Is a Palestinian immigrant [or an Israeli immigrant] as Palestinian [or as Israeli] as any Palestinian [or Israeli]? If not, why not?

    This issue confuses the heck out of me. I don't understand it.

    Immigrants are very very good. Immigrants make countries rich. Immigrants tend to start new companies, invent new technologies etc. Often the most successful and richest people in countries are immigrants. If you want to reduce poverty, facilitate economic growth, reduce unemployment, raise the quality of jobs; sharply increase immigration.

    In my view the world in general should sharply increase immigration and court immigrants to move to their countries.

  2. <span>Have extensively researched this.</span>
    No, you haven't! Everything you know you learned from the pro Israel right wing Michael Totten. Have you ever heard of the "New Israeli Historians"? You haven't, otherwise you would not be spouting this nonsense!

  3. To still hear you repeating this nauseating mythologised version of history propagated by Joan Peters is maddening as it has been debunked so many times by Israeli historians themselves. You have no clues my friend.

  4. <span>"Immigrants to America are as American as any American.</span>
    <span></span><span>Immigrants to Canada are as Canadian as any Canadian.  
    Immigrants to Australia are as Australian as any Australian." </span>

    What you don't understand, dumbass, is that if they want to go back to the country from which they were kicked out, Palestine (now Israel), they can't. True, not all of them want to but some may and it's impossible for them to do so.

  5. anan
    The quote above is by Rashid Khlidi , from his book the iron cage. You probably need to tell him (by email of course) that he doesn't know what he's talking about 
    My advise ? look him up , you might learn something.

  6. VAA, I am a fan of Rashid Khalidi. Rashid has been to the house of a friend of mine.

    I don't understand why Israel isn't aggresively courting more Palestinian knowledge workers to move to Israel. They would:
    -increase Israeli GDP growth
    -reduce unemployment
    -increase the quality of jobs
    -increase the number of start ups
    -increase the amount of Venture Capital investment
    -increase interational trade, investment, business development
    -accelerate product development and surge R&D output

    Palestinian immigrants benefit Israel. So why isn't Israel marketing itself to potential immigrants to convince them to consider moving to Israel.