Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Republicans want Jerusalem? Herzl promised pope, kaiser and sultan to leave it outside Jewish state

Herzls portrait over Ben Gurion
Herzl's portrait over Ben Gurion,
announcing the establishment of Israel, 1948
Republican candidates for the presidential nomination have been falling over one another in promises to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
And the rightwing prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, proclaims Jerusalem to be the eternal and undivided capital of the Jewish state.
Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 and annexed it in 1970. The world refuses to recognize that annexation. Meanwhile, Israel digs up neighborhoods all around the Old City to find coins showing a Jewish presence there in ancient times-- justifying the eviction of more Palestinians from their Jerusalem homes.
All international plans for Jerusalem have called for Jerusalem to be an international city.
And (as I first pointed out 2-1/2 years ago) Theodor Herzl, the Hungarian-Austrian journalist/playwright (1860-1904) and founder of political Zionism, promised many world leaders that he would internationalize the city if Jews could have Palestine.
In the last five years of his life, Herzl went from chamber to chamber of powerful men in Europe, and made these promises.
I have been rereading his diaries, and would offer these ten excerpts, all containing that promise, explicit and implicit:
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  1. I'm confused.I thought it was god that gave them Palestine.Did god conspire with the UN and the  superpowers of the day.

  2. Did God give Palestine to muslims, atheists, Jews and Christians simultaneously? Possibly.

  3. anan
    Your stupidity knows no limit
    Jews migrated from europe ,came to palstine occupied the land and until this day they're still ethnically cleansing the land.  their common excuse ? god gave to them.

    Listen , i will not be answering any of your comments. I shall staisfy myself whith the knowledge that you're mentally challaged, this with your hipocrycy , bigotry,racism etc..make a lethal combination.

  4. Why does the specific religion one has matter that much. Why can't someone be muslim, atheist, christian and jewish simultaneously?

  5. " Why can't someone be muslim, atheist, christian and jewish simultaneously?"
    No doubt you've tried, and there we have the explanation for your scrambled brain.