Wednesday, December 21, 2011

182 countries vote for Palestinian right to self-determination 21Dec11

The Permanent Palestinian Observer at the United Nations, in New York – USA, Riyad Mansour, stated that 182 countries at the General Assembly voted Monday for the Palestinian right to self-determination.

Seven countries ( Among which the mighty nations of Micronesia and Palau) , headed by the Unites States and Israel, voted against the resolution. Three countries, including the new South Sudan state, abstained.

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  1. <p><span><span>The Palestinian flag has been raised at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris for the first time, </span></span></p>

  2. Does this mean that the UN unambiguously rejects the one state solution?

    VAA and TGIA, are you okay with a two state solution? If so, would you support large numbers of dual citizens? This would enable many Palestinians to live and work in Israel and many Israelis [who now get dual citizenship] the right to live and work in Palestine. Make the border irrelevent since anyone can buy property or move anywhere.

    This is what India wants to do with the line of control in Kashmir.

  3. Don't insult the Palestinian flag. I like the Palestinian flag. The Palestinian flag is good for the Palestinians.

  4. Good point. Have mentioned before that the Palestinian flag has a good look.