Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Israeli occupation the world forgot: the Golan Heights

While the mainstream media commonly refers to the West Bank and Gaza as the Occupied Palestinian Territories, it often incorrectly calls the Golan Heights part of Israel. How has the occupation impacted the Golan? And why has the world forgotten it?

Protesters mark the anniversary of the 1982 uprising that some locals refer to as "the Intifada of the people of the Golan Heights" or the Golan Intifada (photo: Mya Guarnieri)

Earlier this month, The Atlantic published “2011: The Year in Photos.” It included a picture of Palestinian protesters climbing the fence that separates, according to The Atlantic, the “Israel-Syria border… near Majdal Shams.” The caption explained that Majdal Shams is located in “northern Israel.”

Imagine the fury if mainstream media outlets referred to the occupied West Bank as “Judea and Samaria.” That would be equivalent to calling the Golan Heights, which also lies beyond the Green Line, “northern Israel.” Calling the Golan “northern Israel” tacitly legitimizes the 1981 Israeli annexation, which has been rejected by the United Nations on numerous occasions in numerous resolutions and goes unrecognized by the international community.

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  1. On the Golan heights, Israel has repeatedly offered to give it back to Syria in return for a peace treaty with Syria.

    To date the Syrians have refused because they want Israel to make a deal with the Palestinians in addition to return the Golan in return for a peace treaty with Syria.

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  3. TGIA, I have read many books and articles and scholarly research papers on Syria, Israel, Palestine and the middle east. I have no guilt trip white man's burden born from the condescending bigotry of low expectations.

    Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanense, Jordanians and Israelis are all very powerful and capable. They all share infinite potential, decide their own destinies, and transform the world through their own thoughts and deeds. None of them are hapless victims of some oppressor. No oppressor in this world [not even Lucifer Shaitan himself] is powerful enough to repress them or hold them down.

    The true TGIA is a good and great person. Calling someone "bitch" and "stupid" doesn't come from your true higher self.

    If you disagree with something, please respectfully explain why. Have learnt a lot from you and hope to keep learning from you. Genuinely, thank you for all the knowledge, wisdom, joy, light and humor you have shared through your blogs.

    Let me try to rephrase:

    Israel doesn't care about territory in Sinai, Gaza, Lebonon or Syria. They only care to inappropriately confiscate property in the West Bank. As a result, Israel has repeatedly offered to return the Golan Heights to Syria in return for the safety, security and legitimacy of diplomatic recognition from Syria and a peace treaty.

    Syria has refused to offer diplomatic recognition and a peace treaty to Israel in return from Golan. Syria wants "BOTH" Golan and some type of peace treaty between Israel and Palestine that gives some type of justice to Palestinians.

    What part of the above is controvertial?

    Personally I think Assad is a nasty person who doesn't care about Palestinians. He cares more about mass murdering Syrians [and Iraqis for that matter] he doesn't like. However in public the "Rabbit" pretends to be pro Palestinians, even as Assad treats Syrian Palestinians like dirt.

    This said, Assad's public statements imply that he will agree to a peace treaty with Israel in return for justice for the Palestinians "AND" Golan.

    If anyone disagrees with any part of the above, please explain to me why; so that I can learn from you. 

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