Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zionist lies and propaganda

In reporting about Israel, BBC's Middle East Editor has breached the corporation's guideline on accuracy and impartiality, an internal BBC complaints panel on Wednesday stated. The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland said that the findings show that the BBC has an anti-Israel "bias" and that the position of the editor, Jeremy Bowen, is "untenable." The corporation rejected these claims.

Robert Fisk: How can you trust the cowardly BBC?
Haaretz gave considerable space to the BBC`s findings yesterday. I`m not surprised. But why is it that Haaretz`s top correspondents – Amira Hass and Gideon Levy – write so much more courageously about the human rights abuses of Israeli troops (and war crimes) than the BBC has ever dared to do? Whenever I`m asked by lecture audiences around the world if they should trust the BBC, I tell them to trust Amira and Gideon more than they should ever believe in the wretched broadcasting station. I`m afraid it`s the same old story. If you allow yourself to bow down before those who wish you to deviate from the truth, you will stay on your knees forever.


    This House believes it's time for the US to get tough on Israel
    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    This event was held at Gaston Hall at Georgetown University in Washington DC.
    The statements and views expressed in the debate are solely those of the Doha Debates and the film participants. They are neither endorsed by nor represent the views of Georgetown University.
    Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit FOR
    Dore Gold, President, Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs AGAINST
    Avraham Burg, former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset FOR
    Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor AGAINST
    MOTION PASSED by 63% to 37%

  2. Thanks datta...I think I already made a post of this one. Good as a reminder though!

  3. I saw that, it's worth a watch.

    What's really a marker of the dearth of intellectual heft on the Zionist side is that they constantly rely on that worn-out, discredited, universal figure of ridicule, Alan Dershowitz, as their standard-bearer. If the Dersh is your biggest champion you are in a whole lot of trouble.

  4. Dershowitz is the court jester, who is no longer funny -