Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here are some of the news I came across today.

More bombings in Iraq more innocent and poor people killed.

More detentions and one prisoner is celebrating (no he is not!!) : Palestinian to break record for longest-held political prisoner

Palestinian people in Gaza still are starving and the children still have trauma

Land theft in Jerusalem..., Bilin ...., and Salfit

Mubarak is still one collaborating pig: Mubarak congratulates Israel on independence

Mubarak still killing Palestinians for Israel: 70-year old man dies in Gaza due to kidney failure

Mubarak still cant come to the realization that the Arab people will choose Nasrallah before him:

Egyptian authorities arrest a Saudi physician in Egypt because he had a picture of Hasan Nasrallah. He was later released.

And then a good some thing that made me laugh to much: Happy Birthday Saeb!


  1. And this needs to be posted here as well:
    I'll re-post this hear, just so my meaning is clear at whom this is directed:
    I intend to seize my enemies by the throat and squeeze until they beg forgiveness.  Then they will cower before me and repent for their transgressions.  If they do not satisfy my thirst for revenge then I shall smite them verily and the blood of their ancestors shall turn to salt and poison their lands.  All who have trespassed upon the sanctity of my brethren shall know of horror and deep regret, for in my wake shall be left a trail of decimation that shall be testament to my wrath and righteousness.

    Repent, sinners unto me.  No god before you can redeem your folly.  A reckoning is nigh.

  2. Ibrahim can you be more clear because I am confused!
    :-D :-D

  3. Ibrahim do you care if I call you that name because the Abe makes me feel North American when I say it.,,,,,,
    Listen did you read the Haaretz report about Syria claiming they wont arm Hebollah and Hamas any more?
    And what is your opinion of that?
    I am having some trouble imagining that Syria will get rid of its lifelines in the region but nothing will shock me.

  4. How old is Mubarak? Gosh, is he ever going to retire?

  5. Moyhabin he is very old and has had alot of bad plastic surgery to make him look like he is in his early 80s instead of near death as he is now.  Did you know that the Israelis are supporting his son to be the next President of Egypt?

  6. Abe,
    After you are done, can I please borrow your sword? There is someone here whose name begins with "A" and ends with "d", whose babbling I find so irritating that I wish I could cut his forked tonge! :-D

  7. 'Children have been Shot in 40 other conflicts I have covered:Death squads Gunned them down in El Salvador & Guatemala, Mothers w/infants lined up & Massacred in Algeria, & Serb snipers put children in their sights in Sarajevo...But Ive Never watched soldiers Entice children like Mice into a trap & Murder them for Sport like in GAZA' - Pulitzer Prize Winning NY Times photojournalist Christopher Hedges- HARPERS Magazine

  8. "...he is very old and has had alot of bad plastic surgery to make him look like he is in his early 80s..." 
    :-D No wonder he looks so unnaturally stiff. The classic puppet. I guess the hand up his ass must be Mossad's.

  9. Do you support doing to same to all free marketeers?

  10. Mubarak's economic policies are so "socialist." He is old, senile and opposes freedom and democracy for his people. He also wasted huge amounts of foreign aid over three decades. I hope Egypt gets free one person one vote elections soon; the ways Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey have.

  11. "Mubarak's economic policies are so "socialist."" Assand
    What the hell are you talking about you idiot?

  12. Free marketeers? Are there still people who will call themselves by this term of abuse?
    How's Bernie Madoff these days?
    "A corporation cannot be ethical; its only responsibility is to turn a profit." Do you agree with honest Milt Friedmann, Anand?