Sunday, April 19, 2009

Majority in US want Israel to be penalised

Despite claiming continued support for Israel, a majority of US residents want a change in policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A decisive plurality said US aid to Israel is “too much”, and a majority want to see Israel penalised for building new settlements on Palestinian land.


  1. v
    For the time being he's worth shit. Flushed away!
    Oh well!

  2. yishite
    Zero tolerance is a good idea. Thanks.Ha ha!

  3. I was wondering where that repeated flushing sound came from hehe

  4. Ano
    We can tell,you're really trying hard to believe your lies. That is by posting the same lie over and over even till your K/Board wears out , your lying fingers get an RSI and your blood pressure shoots through the roof. And eventually you'll fuck up and die ...Boom the lying coward died out out of frustration trying to convince himself.

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  6. I take it back
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  7. VAA:
    Settlers are the scum of the earth.
    The Filth of the planet
    The only decease that threaten humanity
    They will bring their own demise.
    No room for settlers in Palestine

  8. VAA
    Hey KY, Ano,settlers
    I know you're watching. You've given up
    Let me tell you more who you really are:
    We saw what you did in Gaza from miles up in the air
    You killed and killed ,you were covered in blood. but you were well out of reach. You were terrified as cowards are,you resorted to your favourite activity, killing children and civilians from a distance .
    We saw how red your arses were in 2006 South of Lebanon, for the second time. You killed from distance too. But victory always eluded you.
    Real Cowards against several hundred courageous fighters.
    You're terrified isn't why you murder the unprotected.
    Shitzrael gone by 2025 max.
    Practice swimming arse-holes.

    Wednesday, March 25 2009

    This House believes it’s time for the US to get tough on Israel

    This event was held at Gaston Hall at Georgetown University in Washington DC.
    The statements and views expressed in the debate are solely those of the Doha Debates and the film participants. They are neither endorsed by nor represent the views of Georgetown University.

    Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit FOR
    Dore Gold, President, Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs AGAINST
    Avraham Burg, former Speaker of the Israeli Knesset FOR
    Alan Dershowitz, Harvard Law Professor AGAINST
    MOTION PASSED by 63% to 37% past.asp#

    (From Molly's other blog)