Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 Worst Countries to be a Blogger

With a military government that severely restricts Internet access and imprisons people for years for posting critical material, Burma is the worst place in the world to be a blogger, the Committee to Protect Journalists says in a new report. CPJ’s “10 Worst Countries to be a Blogger” also identifies a number of countries in the Middle East and Asia where Internet penetration has blossomed and government repression has grown in response.

Saudi Arabia


  1. While I don't condone severely restricting internet access, I can understand why countries such as Iran would feel nervous  and suspicious considering that they have been put under sanctions, threats, and actual covert operations by the West in the attempt to overthrow their government.
     Iranians accuse Dutch of plotting gov't overthrow
    Martin Morris
    Saturday, 11 April 2009 
    "...The statement, from an IRGC unit tasked with monitoring cybercrime - and carried in a report by Tehran-based satellite TV news operator,
    Press TV - said: "One of the Western countries that has provided the opposition with financial aid in recent years is the Netherlands.

    The IRGC said the Dutch parliament had agreed to a 2005 proposal put
    forward by Farah Karimi, a Green Left party MP of Iranian origin, to allocate 15 million Euros in funds to finance a "media polarization campaign" in the country.

    "Coupled with British assistance and secret US funding", the money had ultimately reached websites working against the interests of the
    Islamic Republic, such as RoozOnline, Zamaneh, Zigzag, and Shahrzad..."

    Israel plans to use gays to bomb Iran
    Amal Amireh
    Israel recruits gay community in PR campaign against Iran
    By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent
    CIA running black propaganda operation against Iran, Syria, and Lebanon officials say
    Larisa Alexandrovna
    June 4, 2007

    Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

    This is because Iran  is truly an independent nation in the region that has been developing nuclear power which is its right as a signatory to the NPT, and because it supports legitimite resistance under international law to Israel occupation,  which is challenging Western agendas and making the western allies in the region Israel and the so-called moderate U.S. allied Arab leaders nervous. 

  2. I don't know.  Do they really give a fuck about Palestinians or do they use that to distract from oppressing their own people?  If Israel plans to use gays to "bomb" Iran, then they should have nothing to worry about cause Ahmadinejad says there are none in Iran! 

  3. <a href = "">Iran So Far

  4. I guess html doesn't work here. 

  5. It does mojo! The first links works!

  6. But of course Marion!  Any crimes or misdeanors committed by Iran or other anti-Israel countries are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the fault of the US and/or the "west".  Even Iranian repression of "gays" can be blamed on Israeli efforts to use gays as "saboteurs" in Iran.  Proof is not necessary, just an article by a hack in on a radical website or some such and its an established fact.
    Gosh, how I do love science fiction!  Keep up the great work!!! LOL

  7. Apparently you know little to nothing about the history of Iran, and what has been done there by the USA fleming. I am assuming this by your ignorant comment.  Keep setting up tyranical regimes wherever you like, it means nothing when it is overthrown and replaced by the current regime. America had nothing to do with it, nothing happened, and it is no ones fault except the current regime. Same goes for the million plus dead in Iraq and the current unrest, and every other conceivable continent where the weak are exploited.  The thousand plus military bases all over the world mean nothing, it is just America ensuring "democracy,"  and the little dog laughed to see such sport and the dish ran away with the spoon.

  8. Molly, They gave money to the Palestinians in Gazza when they are starving.  The U.S. said that Iran gives money for terrorism but while every country in the world practiced an economic siege against us in Gazza the Iranians gave Hamas money which Hamas then distributed to the poor people in Gazza. 
    I dont know if they give a damn or dont give a damn.
    Alot of people dont care they just appreciate the money and food.

  9. Marion I can understand the fears of the Iranians but I personally dont think people should get restricted in there speech.  I witnessed to much torture in some Arab countries for the same thing no I am not talking about Gazza or even Libnan but actualy some of the better allies of the U.S.A. participate in to much torture.
    And I want all the governments to be transparent and without corruption.  If the governments were without corruption and transparent there would be no fear for free speech.
    But I do understand why the Iranians are paranoid.  They have got to many traitors too and they have so many foreign sources waiting to toss a big nuke on them that I wont condemn the Iranians to harshly at this time.

  10. Ok Mojo,
    I have to tell you I read your blog a few days ago and I was pleased to see the direction of some of the conversations there.
    Now that I gave you a compliment I have to admit that I did not think this Sat Nite live clip was very funny.
    It seemed like humour maybe for young people (very young) and I think that this idea to gang up on Ahmadinejad all the time in the press makes no sense to me.
    Do all of the people making alot of fun abt him in the media know anything about the history of Iran?
    It seems immature.

  11. Saif, it is one of the funniest clips of all time. Iranians and non Americans find it hillarious. Lighten up. ;) Ahmadinejad said in the US "there are no gays in Iran." Those were his words. The man is a blunder machine.
    Ahmadinejad is widely viewed as a baffoon who shoots his mouth off. He is seen this way around the world and among Iranians, with whom he isn't that popular. Haven't you noticed how Iran's popularity around the world has collapsed (in all the global polls including the Pew research polls) to signficantly below America. Only Israel is more unpopular than Iran globally. A major reason was because Ahmadinejad irrationally shoots his mouth off. No one forced Ahmadinejad to be a blunder machine. He did that on his own. {Notice how much more polished Khamenei is than Ahmadinejad.}
    Fortunately, Ahmadinejad doesn't have real power. The unelected Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Khamenei, may peace be upon him, has the real power. He appears much more rational than Ahmadinejad.

  12. Oh my God, V opposes freedom for the Iranian people!
    If most countries on earth have freedom of speach and press, why can't Iranians have it too? I guess Iranians aren't as holy or worthy as Malaysian, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Iraqis, Turks, Lebanese or Israelis. That must be it. That must also be the reason that China has far more freedom than Iran does.

  13. Shut up Zionist in disguise.

  14. VAA, anyone who implies that Iranians don't deserve freedom or are unworthy of freedom, while believing that almost everyone else on earth is entitled to freedom is an anti Iranian bigot.
    What on earth does "Zionist" mean?

  15. thankgodimatheistMay 1, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    V opposes freedom for the Iranian people!
    Can you please give us a quote where v said or implied such thing?

  16. I thought V was defending Khamenei's refusal to allow freedom for the Iranian people. Am I wrong? Who in the world gave Khamenei the right to be the unelected dictator of Iran?
    Yes America did back Khomeini against the Shah in the 1979 coup and bears some responsiblitiy. {Just as America backed the Quom Marjeya and a young Khomeini when they moved against Mossedeq in 1953. America has twice supported Quom Marjeya lead coups.}
    Just to be clear, Obama is right to reach out to Khamenei and cooperate with him on important issues. But at the same time we should support freedom and democracy for the Iranian people. We need to do both simultaneously. I hope the entire world does the same.

  17. anand
    anyone who implies that <span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Palestinians</span></span> don't deserve freedom or unworthy of freedom , while believing that everyone else on earth is entitled to freedom is <span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Zionist</span></span> bigot.
    BTW Why <span style="font-weight: bold;"><span style="font-style: italic;"><span style="text-decoration: underline;">almost</span></span></span> everyone else on earth is entitled to freedom
    Who is the exception ? don't run

  18. Most of the time what you "think" is backwards and incorrect Anand now shut the f*** up if you dont know what you are talking about you imbecile!

  19. Here is the deal V: I dont believe you can dismiss current crimes and highly abusive behavior because of whatever may or may not have happened in the past. 
    Or maybe you believe that child molesters who claim the same happened to them should be excused? Do you think a rapist who claimed he was "mistreated" by his mother should be forgiven? Perhaps a murderer who witnessed much brutality as a child should be made a hero while the rest of society should be condemned?  Perhaps we should empty our jails and fill them with those currently not incarcerated because, afterall, its likely their fault those poor criminals were put in there in the first place.  Yes indeed, V, in your strange world you believe the imprisoned are innocent and the non-incarcerated are the criminals, dont you?

  20. "Yes America did back Khomeini against the Shah in the 1979 coup and bears some responsiblitiy." Anand
    Where in your asshole did you reach for this lie? Must have been deep in the inner recesses, you idiot. Your not even worth engaging.

  21. Here is your answer fleming, the USA bears responsibility by direct and covert action in the region, no matter how much you try to ignore it or deny it. Personal responsibility does not deny the culpability of those who have acted previously, because no one denies personal rsponsibility, period. Now, if that is too hard for you to wrap your tiny mind around, I have no mind expanding drugs to offer.

  22. What exactly don't I understand?

  23. Brez and Carter did support the overthrow of the Shah by "progressive" forces. How did that turn out?

  24. The Palestinians also deserve freedom. Unfortunately Israel (and now in part Fatah and Hamas) deny them their freedom. Palestine to this day doesn't have freedom of speach, freedom of association, or freedom of press.
    Journalists are too scared to write negative articles of Fatah in Ramallah or Hamas in Gaza. Even the elections in Palestine are not fully free and fair, with both Fatah and Hamas engaging in widespread abuse. Both Fatah and Hamas find their political opponents and beat the crap out of them or kill them outright. They make sure that other political movements such as Barghouti's remain on the margin.
    Israel also plays a major role in denying Palestinians their freedom. So did Jordan and Egypt during their occupation 1948 to 1967. It is so sad that Palestinians had more freedom under the harsh British occupation than since the British occupation (freedom of speach, freedom of press, freedom of association; but not one  person one vote.) The ottoman occupation was also very harsh for the Palestinians.
    Personal freedom is closely associated with economic development. It is very sad that Palestinians have less freedom than the Chinese. {Palestinians have greater democratic rights than the Chinese.}

  25. I actually bothered to provide Marion a lot of documentation on US support to the Marja in 1953 and 1979 (Carter didn't like the Shah and surreptitiously removed him thinking that what followed would be better.) Look this up on your own v.

  26. OK V, so you are effectively "criminalizing" the entire USA from its inception.  That is quite a charge.    
    What does "bear responsibility" mean/imply?  Do you expect us all to march into prison while those we have "harmed" watch over us? Do you expect the USA to disgorge itself of its accumulated wealth through some sort of massive global govt check writing campaign funded by forced extraction from indiividual citizens and companies?  Do you advocate we should all get down on our knees and beg "the world" for forgiveness and ask "it" to TELL us henceforth how we should live our lives?  Should we break down our homes, buildings and other structures and send them abroad so they can be rebuilt among the "more deserving" of the world? Should we collectively engage in self-flagellation until our wounds bleed out and we perish as a country and a people and a culture? 
    I mean really V, you are asking the USA to condemn itself and its core principles and really anything and everything for which it stands.  You are collectively blaming the USA for supposed criminal activites in which the vast majority of individual US citizens played no role whatsoever.  You want the US to condemn ITSELF as nothing but a giant and abusive criminal endeavor that has no redeeming value.  You portray our most successful citizens and leaders as selfish, greedy thugs who deserve nothing better than swift execution at the hands of a raging mob. 
    Truly V, you grossly overreach.   

  27. Let me tell you anand, the Iranian people actually have more freedoms  than most of the Arab people in the so-called moderate U.S. allied Arab countries of the region, who are not under the threat of Western sanctions and their governments being overthrown by the West.
    In Iran they have a much higher rate of literacy. They have more women in universities and involved in the government than in most if not all Arab countries of the region.
    So if you want to whine about freedoms, why don't you start with the U.S. allied Arab ountries first ? Why do you choose to start with Iran, where its people actually have more rights than many of the U.S. allied countries in their region. Is it because they happen to be in opposition to and a challenge to U.S./Israel policies in their region....? 

  28. "...cause Ahmadinejad says there are none in Iran! "--Molly
    Iran: Ahmedinijad Never Said, "No Gays in Iran"
    Rober Naiman




  30. There is very little that you do understand Anand.

  31. I don't believe your sources anand...
    But let's just say you sources are true, does it make sense that our government that actually took out democratically elected Mosedaq in 1953, and replaced him with a dictatorial Shah who was serving our interests in the region, would than support his overthrow by a religious based revolution? And than to proceed to than fly the Shah, who our government kept in power for decades and than suddenly supported his overthrow by an Islamic revolution, to the U.S. for medical treatment, unless of course our government had something more devious in mind down the road....
    What might that devious thing in mind have been anand? As this Islamic reviolution to over throw the Shah has not  been beneficial for our U.S. ally Israel in the region in that it supports resistance, which when the Shah was in power he was an ally for Israel in the region.
    Could it have been in expectation for a future Iraq and Iran war? Could it have been in expectaion for a future Sunni /Shia divide in the region? Could it have been in expectation for a future possible invasion of the region such as in Iraq?

  32. Thanks for posting that Marion.
    Its amazing that people who cant speak Farsi will rely on information from western media sources that lied to promote the war in Iraq and have consistently lied to promote a war on Iran.
    I cant see any integrity in the Western media but I dont see it in the Arab state controlled media either.
    This is like the silly nonsense some people were saying about Ahmadinejad promoting a new holocaust against the Jews which is not some thing he ever said.
    When it comes to western media reporting on: Iran, Palestine, Hezbollah, there is probably a 1 percent accuracy in the media!

  33. Molly,
    If you would like my opinion, I think that most Iranian people do truly care about the Palestinians which is based on them feeling a religious connection as fellow oppressed Muslims, as well as, because of the fact that the Iranian people suffered greatly under the U.S. appointed Shah and his  Savak agency that the Israeli Mossad and CIA helped form and trein, and worked closely with.  They suffered greatly when the Shah was an ally of the U.S. and Israel.
    Israel and the U.S. have always played dirty roles in the region at the expense of the people of the region, and the Palestinsins have always been the greatest victim of this U.S./Israel alliance.The Iranian people understand this well and feel a great sense of solidarity with the Palestinians. And as proud, sovereign revolutionaries at heart, they believe they must help  those Palestinians who they see are also proud revolutionaries at heart, yet unfortunately because of an oppressive Israeli occupation, they are not sovereign .

  34. Saif,
    The human rights in Iran and the President of Iran's comments  are often  exxagerated or hyped up in the Western media, and in those Arab medias aligned with the West(that at the same time conveniently ignore Arab countries'  human rights abuses and their leaders controversial comments)  in order to help justify, in the minds of the people, any actions taken against Iran such as sanctions, covert operations, and pre-emptive attacks and war....
    Propaganda is a major tool used by many governements, including the West, in brainwashing their people to accept whatever their government decides to do....

  35. Marion,
    I can say that as a person who is very interested in the news of the Muslim and Arab worlds and who feels compelled to leave comments on some blogs and accepted an invitation to blog here that with my political leanings, I would not want to live in Iran. 
    There are alot of human rights abuses happening in all the Arab countries, in Iran, in the U.S.A., I think it is very disgusting to hear Americans talking about human rights abuses since they commit so many all the time against there own people and against other people in Iraq and they are paying for disgusting human rights abuses against my Palestinian people, etc.
    I think when people make you angry and want to attack Iran out of ignorance that the best tactic is to remind them of the crimes of there own countries, the crimes of there proxy agents in the world and to remind them that all these elements: including american human rights organizations, american media, american government have been very desperate to attack Iran.
    I wont say that Iran has zero human rights violations, they do.  But I am not going to sit here and condemn that country when they got surrounded by traitor Muslim Arabs who are selling themselves to the U.S.A. and Israel to bring Iran down.  I have some decency.

  36. Marion, as I have repeatedly demonstrated to you, the Quom Marjeya lead the coup against Mossedeq and supported the Shah. A young Khomeini supported the coup against Mossedeq as well, under the guidance of his Marja.
    Mossedeq was seen as a Soviet Quisling. There was still a lot of anti Soviet feelings in Iran because of the Soviet occupation of Iran in 1946 and because the Shia clerics were anti communist.
    In 1953, the Shia clergy, Iranian military, Iranian farmer community, Iranian business community, Mi6, all allied against Mossedeq who was unpopular. This is why Mossedeq disbanded parliament, restricted civil liberties, and delayed planning another election.
    CIA supported a populist Iranian movement against Mossedeq that would almost certainly have succeeded if they hadn't been involved. In fact, the CIA saw which way the wind was blowing, saw that Mossedeq was going down, and felt they could curry favor with the Quom Marjeya by supporting them in their inevitable victory.
    The CIA claimed credit for the coup to get funding from Congress, and greatly exxagerated their role. In fact CIA "coups" seldom succeed unless the CIA happens to support a side that would have won anyway without the CIA's help.
    Marion, you should hear GIs talk about the grossly incompetent green boy scouts of the CIA. The CIA needs to be disbanded and replaced with much smarter, more capable, wiser, more internationally aware and culturally sensitive GIs.
    Marion, download the Penn World tables on Iran. You will see that Iran's economy grew extremely rapidly between 1953 and 1973. In 1973, the Shah was a hero. Then Iran entered a great depression after 1973. It was deeper than the US great depression from the 1930s. The Shah's popularity plummeted. His old allies (Shia clerics, business community) deserted him and plotted his overthrow. Carter worked with the Shia clerics and business community against the Shah. He pressured the Iranian military to abondon the Shah. Carter gave orders to his people to find Iranian "progressive forces" and to support them. Notice that when the Shah fell, Carter treated him like manure. Carter didn't like the Shah.

  37. Saif,
    I do not deny that there are human rights abuses taking place in Iran, I am just making the point that they are not to the extent as is being propagated.And that this is because Iran is standing up to U.S. polcies in the region and because it supports resistance to Israel.
    As you know, I am from the U.S. and I personally know people whose rights have been abused by the system here.  One of my best friends had her parental rights terminated and her children put in foster care in which they ended up in a 'Islam hating' far right Christian family  household. My friend was falsely accused of killing her two year old son who died in an accident. But I will testify that she is a better Mother, wife, Muslim, and all around woman than me. She had a son and raised him in secret after her other children were taken away. She, her husband, and her last son suffered for years, going through many trials which cost them thousands of dollars just to end up getting the death certificate of her son which clamied murder to be amended to accidental death, which is the only justice they got after years of injustice....
    My friend lost her other children to the system, and her children will not fully accept her now because they have been brainwashed to believe she as a Muslim is  representing the devil...
    As you know I have also lived in Lebanon and Saudi which have their own human rights issues.
    I hope to one day visit Iran or even live there, so that I can see for myself what I think about it....

  38. "the Iranian people actually have more freedoms  than most of the Arab people in the so-called moderate U.S. allied Arab countries of the region" True.
    "In Iran they have a much higher rate of literacy. They have more women in universities and involved in the government than in most if not all Arab countries of the region." True.
    "So if you want to whine about freedoms, why don't you start with the U.S. allied Arab ountries first ?" Good point. I agree with you. The Arab dictators are worse. This is another reason I am delighted that Obama is reaching out to Khamenei.
    I would love an Iranian US alliance. My only concern is that we don't seem to be supporting Khamenei against the Iranian people. Twice before we messed up by supporting the Quom Marjeya against internal rivals. (I think America should have stayed neutral both times.)
    You asked why the Marjeya supported the Shah in 1953. I think it is because they didn't want to assume power directly (for some of the same reasons Sistani doesn't want to assume power directly in Iraq.) They saw the Shah as the best option to replace Mossedeq quickly (since the Shah had the support of the business community, agrarian farmers and the military.)
    This I don't know this Marion, but it is possible the Shah made promises to the Marjeya. I think the Shah betrayed his supporters in 1953. He should have organized elections and paved the way for real freedom and democracy in Iran. He didn't do this, but consolidated power in his own office. It turned out that the Marjeya traded one man with autocratic tendancies for another autocrat. The Shah also allowed corruption to flourish.
    I am also suspicious that the Shah might have supported some large British based multinationals, although I don't have evidence for it. Whent he economy was growing gang busters between 1953 and 1973 few were paying attention. It was a big economic bubble.

    Rehab and Ahmed Amer
    19 years later, pair cleared in son's death

  40. Marion, policy is not made on "national interest" most of the time. Carter didn't like the Shah and was looking for a way to remove him. Carter used (from his point of view) the Quom Marjeya for that purpose. Carter pushed the Shah to let Khomeini return to Iran.
    I think Carter thought that if the Shah were out of the way, Iran would evolve into a prosperous "progressive" free democracy that respected human rights far more than the Shah did. I think Carter was stunned that Khomeini was able to establish himself as a dictator of a clerical regime; and sideline the rest of the anti Shah resistance.
    When Khomeini assumed power he did his best to downplay his role in helping the Shah in 1953 and the support Carter gave him against the Shah in the late 1970s. Carter also did his best to hide his role in supporting the overthrow of the Shah before the 1980 election. Carter probably felt that this would guarantee Reagan's election.

  41. I am speechless Marion.

  42. Marion, I am very sad to hear what happened to your friend. I have never heard of something like this before.
    Which state did this, if I could ask?
    Have you ever faced any discrimination because you are muslim? I cannot remember confronting discrimination for being Asian. But I am one person. Your experience could have been different.

  43. Marion, your friends must have been through hell. To lose a child and for others to think that you murdered them.
    Very sad. How are they now doing?

  44. I am sorry anand but I don't buy into your let's paint the U.S. intentions as good and the Iranian revolution outcome as bad explanation...

  45. I didn't call the Iranian revolution bad. I admire and revere spiritual and religious leaders, including Iranian clerics.
    My difference is with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Khamenei, may peace be upon him. I think he should allow free elections, freedom for the Iranian people (including religious freedom . . . which does not exist), and willingly gradually transition all power to the democratically elected government. Then he should focus on addressing the spiritual needs of the global and Iranian Shia.
    I prefer Sayyed Ali Al Sistani to Khamenei. What is wrong with that?
    Where did I say that "US intentions are good"? Where? I said I opposed both Ike and Carter for interfering in domesitc Iranian events that they both understood little about.
    I do think that we Americans and Iranians need to have more transparency and reveal everything about what happened in the past.
    I support peace, friendship and alliance between Iran and America.

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    <div class="js-singleCommentText">Saif "I am speechless Marion."</div>
    <div class="js-singleCommentText">Lord, who'da thunk it possible?  I'll never say this again but: THANK YOU, Marion!


  47. anand,
    I seriously doubt that I would consider your sources on Iran as being for the most part credible...They are probably similar to sources like Michael Trotten in regards to Lebanon, who I do not consider as credible...
    Is Taheri one of your sources of informarion on Iran anand?
    I never asked you why the Marjeya supported the Shah because I don't believe that they did for the most part...It seems you have a habit of trying to put words in my mouth which I do not appreciate...

  48. anand, 
    These articles on the Amer case don't even cover a fraction of what they have been through. They were discrminated against by many people in the system because they were Arab and Muslim. The reason you have never heard of this before is because this kind of thing doesn't get much publicity for the most part, even though it has been a pretty widespread practice. And it is not only been happening to minorities. Foster care is a big business run by social service agencies aroud the country, and they have often taken children away from innocent parents.
     When the Amers children were taken away there was very little media coverage at the time. They did not get any substantial media coverage for their case until many years later after they had been trying successively in the court system to get justice.
    If you are actually intersted in knowing about similar cases to the Amers around the country I am sure that you could always surf the internet to find more....

  49. Yes it certainly can leave one speechless Saif. Before I met Rehab I never knew that this kind of thing could happen here. But than after I learned about their case, which opened my mind, I started to hear about many more cases of injustice ...
    It has really woke me up so to speak...
    I worked with the Amers for a number of years before I went overseas to live for a time. It was very emotional.
    And than when I lived in Lebanon, I got hooked on the Palestinian cause, and have been active with it ever since...

  50. Anand
    Either you’re mentally ill or you’re a Zionist in disguise
    I actually think you’re <span style="text-decoration: underline;">both</span>.
    Here’s why ,leaving aside your previous comments on many occasions and in particular the Sheebah Farms where your lies were very revealing ( Kofi anan quote ) that quote doesn’t exist .
    Take your above comment as an example:It’s the Palestinians fault for lack of freedom of press.Even the elections are not free and fair.You’ve very conveniently left a very important part which is the cause of all the ill.
    In the 1 instance were you mentioned Israel as playing a major role in denying Palestinians their freedom ,you automatically bring Jordan and Egypt as if this is the problem in Palestine.You even brought the Ottoman occupation as a “also very harsh on the Palestinians”.
    But this the <span style="text-decoration: underline;">gem</span>,Palestinians have greater democratic rights than Chinese.
    Notice something in your comment!!! Not once You acknowledged Israel’s Occupation, blaming everyone else under the sun except the real culprit,this is why I called you Zionist.
    Every time the topic of Israel’s occupation comes up ,you go in auto defence mode bringing in Iran ,Taqfiri,,Iraq,Al Qaida , Salafi.....
    this is why I called you in disguise
    That is Zionist in Disguise. With very poor or non existent analytical skill.

  51. I prefer Sayyed Ali Al Sistani to Khamenei. What is wrong with that? 
    The only thing wrong with that is that you are not Muslim, Iranian or Arab so your opinion on these matters really does not matter to any one outside of your own sick head.

  52. Israel is in large part too blame for the lack of freedom and complete democracy on the part of the Palestinians.
    Regarding China: Chinese have more economic and personal freedom than Palestinians. The Chinese also have far more transparent, accountable and efficient leaders, civil servants and security forces. However, Palestinians can vote while the Chinese cannot.
    Sheesh VAA. You have such a conspiratorial mind ;)

  53. Oh yeah, the Israeli occupation is wrong! :)   Now am I okay VAA?

  54. thankgodimatheistMay 1, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    "Yes America did back Khomeini against the Shah in the 1979 coup and bears some responsiblitiy." Anand
    This does for me!!!I mean...Really!!! That's it, folks!!

  55. TGIA, Carter did want to replace the Shah with what he regarded as "progressive" forces. I am pretty sure he didn't forsee that the Shah would be replaced by a theocratic dictator.
    Carter put a lot of pressure on the Shah to let Khomeini return to Iran; and to free political prisoners; and to allow his opponents to freely demonstrate against him. Later Carter pressured the Shah not to suppress the opposition. However, I am pretty sure Carter didn't know what he was doing.

  56. thankgodimatheistMay 1, 2009 at 11:57 PM

    That doesn't mean that Carter backed Khumaini against the Shah. Saying that Carter pressured the Shah to let Khumeini back is not the same as saying Carter backed Khumeini against the Shah!!!
    Big difference!

  57. Anand is a fucking idiot that belongs in a loony bin, just shut up you imbecile...