Tuesday, April 28, 2009

U.S. raid called criminal: A relative tries to console a girl whose mother was killed in a U.S. military raid in Kut, Iraq. Iraq's prime minister denounced the raid, which left at least two Iraqis dead, as a "crime" that violated the security pact with Washington and demanded that American commanders hand over those responsible for possible trial.


  1. Another day under the imperial sun in Iraq. I wonder if lackey-boy would dare post this on the smeared walls of his latrine?

  2. "lackey-boy"?  Isn't that your nickname?  How's the real estate holding up?  Hypocrite...

  3. Really? Lackey-boy of whom, if I may ask? How does the fact of having a small piece of land in Southern Chile, where land is practically given away by the government to anyone with the guts to buy it and live there, turn me into a hypocrite, especially when I have openly told about it on this same forum?

  4. Ooh, Maliki's talking tough.  I'm scared.  The whole damn war is criminal.  

  5. Now, let me add, o courageous anon, that lackey-boy and his father are presumably on the State Department's payroll, according to another blogger whom the traitor did not deny. I went to his latrine a few days ago when someone came here claiming that the lackey-boy was under the attack by wingnuts in his own sewer because of a post on the Palestinian/Israeli issue. It was a boring and quite shallow "debate" with no real interest whatsoever, and it was pretty obvious to me that it was a pathetic attempt at cover-up by the lackey-boy for his shameful support for US imperialism. By using the Palestinian "cause celebre" as a smokescreen, the lackey-boy was trying to deflect attention from his own despicable collaboration with those whom have destroyed his own country and killed hundreds of thousands of his own people in the process.

  6. "Ooh, Maliki's talking tough.  I'm scared.  The whole damn war is criminal."
    Yes, he is and he has done this before.  But if you ask me this Maliki seems less shameless than the dictator in Egypt.

  7. My father and I are not on the State Dept payroll, 5ebby.  My father signed a 6 month contract with them in 2003.  You shouldn't suck so much Ba3thi cock, and don't be such a sharmoo6 for the people who blow up Iraqi markets and police stations.  let 9eer mu6y.  
    But I guess it's ok for the "Sons of Iraq" to be on the US payroll, as long as they're praising Saddam and denouncing Maliki.  
    Nibras Kazimi: 
    "<span style="color: #333333; font-size: 11px; line-height: 17px;">The following footage (via sotaliraq.com) showing a man, allegedly identified as Adel al-Mashhadani (...looks very much like him) giving what appears to be a recent speech in Al-Fadhl. Mashhadani was the 'Sons of Iraq' leader who was arrested late last month by Iraqi forces. He had been on the U.S. payroll, who had hoped that he would be one of the former insurgents they could reconcile with, and then force the Iraqi state to put him on payroll.</span>
    <span style="color: #333333; font-size: 11px; line-height: 17px;">
    I couldn't figure how to embed without the video automatically playing when the page is loaded, so kindly <span style="color: #336666;">follow this link</span>.

    The crowd begins by shouting "Cheers to the resilient Ba'ath". Mashhadani then gives a pep talk saying that Iraq belongs to the youth of Iraq and "at their head is the Martyred Leader Saddam Hussein."

    Then there's a funny, carnival-ish bit with a trumpet, concluding with the crowd shouting "With our souls, with our blood, we will [relinquish them to you] Oh Saddam." Mashhadani finishes up with a line of poetry: "We the youth will climb the scaffold [to be hanged], and for the sake of the Ba'ath and Saddam we will never waver."

    You can find my recent commentary about Mashhadani<span style="color: #336666;"> </span><span style="color: #336666;">here</span> and <span style="color: #336666;">here</span>."</span>

  8. Excuse my incompetence of the English language :
    But <span style="color: #404040; font-size: 11px;">5ebby , Ba3thi 9eer mu6y.? </span>
    I see the numbers appearing in all sort of words , what is the significance ? or do I need an Enigma machine ?

  9. It is Arabic chat:
    <span style="border-collapse: collapse; font-family: arial; font-size: 18px;">2 - أ, ء 
    3 - ع 
    5 - خ 
    6 - ط
    7 - ح 
    8 - ق 
    9 - ص</span>

  10. Mojo
    Mystery solved :Thanks