Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The pirates no people talk about

Piracy off the Promised Land: The Ramming of the Dignity with Clear Lethal Intent

Piracy 1. the practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea
Compact Oxford English Dictionary


  1. Just curious what you think of the following argument for a one state solution Saif:
    The two-state solution, in ignoring the economic life of the Palestinian people, effectively would consign Palestinians to perpetual neo-colonial poverty, writes Lama Abu Odeh*

    Why one state works Lama Abu Odeh

  2. The piracy of poverty is always punished, the piracy of of the rich is always "self-defense." I say take it all from the rich, it is ALWAYS stolen property of a specific or systemic nature.

  3. Dumb ass fleming is at it again - listen, even the "founding fathers" hated wage labor. they said it would make the people dull and dumb, and slaves - so apparently fleming, you are the poster boy displaying their fears...lol

  4. Fleming, need I remind you of the subject of the post? No matter how much you bray about this "stellar" system, it produces nothing but excessive exploitation and oppression - an attestation to its invalid nature. The very fact that individuals are so oppressed and summarily ignored by the current world system to their destruction and death by the billions, is the reason for its change and long awaited demise.

  5. “You know, they called us ‘coons’—said we didn’t have no sense. You gonna wake up one morning, and a coon’s gonna be the President. Things have changed. We’re on the move now. You’re gonna wake up one morning, and it’ll be a coon sittin’ on the moon!”

  6. Marion its said differently but all the elements are in place.  I support one state.  One vote for each person.  I wish I can write more but I am very busy with my work schedules and I am finishing many project dead lines at the same time,,,,,

  7. And Marion I do appreciate your comments here (abe, Joe, VAA, V, etc. to) but more often I am usually agreeing with you.

  8. Is your world better than v's, son of Ayn Rand, a world where larceny = achievement?
    "The poor break the laws, the rich merely evade them." (T-Bone Slim.)
    "Derriere chaque grande fortune se cache un crime." H. de Balzac)
    "Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country." (Howard Zinn)

  9. Although I lean towards a one state solution Saif, I will support whatever a majority of the Palestinians choose for themselves.
    I think that most of those in Israel and the West who claim they support the two state are not serious enough to make it happen. 
    I appreciate your appreciation Saif. It is nice to be appreciated after you have come from blogs or forums where you have been largely unapprecieted .....
    Here is some good news:
    Motorola drops bomb fuse unit following boycott campaign
    The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel
    Sunday, April 5, 2009
    Let's just hope that the different divestment campaigns continue growing and becoming more powerful....

  10. Since 1995, Transparency International has published an annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI)[1] ordering the countries of the world according to "the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians".[2] The organization defines corruption as "the abuse of entrusted power for private gain".[3]
    Ranking in parenthesis
    Denmark (1)
    New Zealand (1)
    Sweden (1)
    Singapore (4)
    Finland (5)
    Switzerland (5)
    Iceland (7)
    Netherlands (7)
    Australia (9)
    Canada (9)
    Luxembourg (11)
    Austria (12)
    Hong Kong (12)
    Germany (14)
    Norway (14)
    Ireland (16)
    UK (16)
    Belgium (18)
    Japan (18)

  11. If you were not such an idiot, you would realise that the list starts with the least corrupt.  you really are hopeless.


  13. It really is Hilarious 
    To think Denmark (1) is the most corrupt and the US (18) is the least.
    I would've thought it's pretty obvious which is which.LOL

  14. I see you're a bit slow, ding dong.  Let me put it to you like I would to my own pre-teen:
    You say
    'The fact is, the US is wealthy because its system is less corrupt, more trustworthy and functions more fairly than <span style="text-decoration: underline;">any other</span> in the world.'
    My simple point
    No true.  Any other in the world <span style="text-decoration: underline;">EXCEPT</span> Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland,  the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Luxembourg, Austria, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, Ireland, the UK, Belgium, and Japan! 
    Got it, Einstein?

  15. Informing us that Zimbabwe and Libya are corrupt is your way of demonstrating that the US is not corrupt. Brilliant logic.

  16. Mister Congeniality says
    'your terribly unattractive personality'
    I wonder,
    he couldn't be referring to himself, now could he?
    'So what the fuck is your point then Nimrod'
    'Piss on you and yours'
    'Fuck, you are stupid and arrogant.'
    'Not to mention pissant'
    Darn!  How come I never noticed?  I bet people all over the world are just falling over themselves to acquire such a pristine personality as that of Mr. Congeniality.

  17. Fleming, a multitude of words does not cover for the bullshit posts

  18. VAA
    Words ,words,and more abusive meaningless words. You're like a kid that lost his aunty in a shopping mall, read your comments and laugh at them.