Wednesday, April 22, 2009

South Africa anti-Apartheid leader forges ties with Palestinians

“In South Africa we are familiar with the struggle of the people of Palestine for freedom and self determination,” said Zeko Tamela, the Head of External Relations of the South African Transport and Communications Workers Union. “As a previously oppressed people ourselves we forged alliances with freedom fighters around the world.”

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  1. Those who participate in this alliance should take note, you would do well to direct all your energies to a one state solution.  This way you would have complete accord with your African brothers and sisters in fighting for what is only correct for Palestine. Zionism is a genocidal racist joke it needs to be overcome by the same appeal to the democratic process that rang true in South Africa, and it needs to go further than a mere civil rights issue to liberation.  Zionism needs to be dissolved, the the region needs to follow what is right and true for all humanity. It will fall like all recent colonial exploits, when you think a moment is at its darkest suddenly the light (with all due diligence applied) will break through and victory will be won for the people!