Monday, April 20, 2009

Israel recruits gay community in PR campaign against Iran

Israel is stepping up its public relations effort to discredit Iran within the international community, and part of its new campaign focuses on Tehran's abuse of human rights and sponsorship of terrorism.

The campaign plans to recruit the international gay community, which Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dismissed in 2007 when he said there were no homosexuals living in his country.


  1. They will "liberate" the gays in Iran, like they "liberated" the women in Iraq (or all of the Iraqis for that matter)!
    <span>"The new campaign, to be overseen by the Foreign Ministry...Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman" </span>
    Nothing else needs to be posted...

  2. <span>"Israel is stepping up its public relations effort to discredit Iran within the international community, and part of its new campaign focuses on Tehran's abuse of human rights and sponsorship of terrorism.

    "We have to lay the foundation in the world, and particularly in Europe, in order to be able to take harsher steps against Iran, especially in the economic sector," said one senior political source in Jerusalem.

    The new campaign, to be overseen by the Foreign Ministry, aims to appeal to people who are less concerned with Iran's nuclear aspirations and more fearful of its human rights abuses and mistreatment of minorities, including the gay and lesbian community."</span>
    That's why today on the news it's all about Iran and human rights and Ahmadinejad's speech! We got it. Walla we got it!

  3. Israel will use the gay community of Iraq like it uses the holocaust. Why don't you just shut up Anand?

  4. I always stand up for the oppressed Anand, I just do not think they need to be murdered for Zionism.  Better get your head straight jerk

  5. "True one person one vote" in Iraq. Not for the Christians, Arabs and Turkmens in Iraqi Kurdistan.

  6. anand,
    Don't you think that the U.S. administration standing up for gay rights in Iran would be a very hypocritcal thing to do in the eyes of many, when we consider that they have never stood up for Palestinian rights in regards to Israel's ongoing war crimes?
    This just goes to show that the U.S. policy is not about universal human rights for all,  but about selective human rights that fit into a particular political agenda...

  7. anand,
    What questions might those be that you asked and I never answered? Please do elaborate more....
    Do you know that it also depends on the type of questions you ask, whether or not they will be answered anand?
    To be honest with you, I have never felt that you had good intentions when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian/Arab conflict ...
    I have come to the conclusion by your comments that you tend to favor Israel and have only been looking to justify your preference.
    And since you seem to favor Israel, how has it's supporters clearly communicated its cause in your mind anand?
    I tend to favor the truly oppressed people that have been  dispossesed from their lands and occupied. And not their oppressors as you seem to do anand....
    And I did not need Palestinian supporters to communicate the Palestinian cause to me, to see that they have been treated unjustly and denied their rights, therefore in my mind see that they do have a just cause  ...

  8. This is too much,,, can someone please ban Anand for being trying to educate Marion??????

  9. anand's technique  has been to try and discredit my position by claiming I am ignorant, that I do not know what I am talking about, and that he knows better than I do...
    It is amazing how he claims to know so much about the inner personal relations between the different Shia groups and leaders in Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon, yet conveniently acts dumb or niave when it comes to U.S. policies in the Middle East region, or the ongoing occupation and oppression of the Palestinians by Israel, or the Israeli lobby's power structure within the U.S. government, etc...
    It is almost as if in his mind, the inner personal relations of the Shia is what matters the most when trying to figure out the Middle East region.....

  10. <span style="">Tell me anand,  has the more powerful Chinese or Japanese lobbies managed to get our government to give their countries billions of dollars in aid from our hard earned tax dollars with no strings attached? Have these lobbies expected us to help arm the Chinese or Japanese militaries to the teeth and support them when they decide to maliciously attack native people within their boundaries who they are occupying, or neighboring countries in whose lands they have also been occupying?    
    Why do you want me to help you over on Michael Totten's blog? Is it so that you can see me get ganged up on, called a bunch of names, and be treated for the most part disrespectfully,  like what happened to me over on Mojo's blog?    
    For now, I am trying to take a break from participating on blogs and forums where my kind of viewpoint, based on my knowledge and my experiences, is not appreciated...</span>

  11. "Marion, you seem to only care most about Palestinians and Lebanese, but not as much about others (Sudanese, Zimbabwe, Congo, Aids in Africa, starvation in Africa, Pakistan, Algeria, India.) That is fine as far as it goes."--anand
    I happen to care about all oppressed people anand... Palestinians and Lebanese are closest to my heart because I am married to a Lebanese man, and based on my personal experiences of having lived in Lebanon, which is where I initially became more interested in the Palestinian cause.
    You have to care about your own people's problems and  do something to make a meaningful and lasting difference for them before you think you can possibly make any kind of difference for others anand...
    I am also one who prefers to concentrate most of my efforts on one cause at a time, in order to hopefully make a difference,  rather than several causes at a time where I cannot possibly be as effective ...

  12. "There are more than 160 million Shia in the world. There are only 7 million Israelis, of which 23% are Palestinians."--anand
    Why did you compare the number of Shia in the world, to the number of Israelis anand? It would be more applicable to compare the number of Shia througout the world to the number of Jews throughout the world, don't you think?

  13. "Don't fall for the subtle bigotry of assuming that us "darkies" don't drive our own destinies and the destiny the international community more generally."--anand
    What was the color of those who walked out of the Racism conference in Geneva anand, did you notice? They weren't darkies, they were whities like me, and I was ashamed of their behavior and their lack of respect for  freedom of speech on behalf of the Palestinian people and darkies like yourself....