Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks Marion

Nice song and video, never saw it before....

Also, Thanks Marion again for sharing your article with us. It seems that I knew of you or your family even without knowing you are contributing here with your comments. Your family is very well known in the Jnoub and even in the U.S.A. ....... if I am thinking of the same family with the same last name as yours? Ok, Here is an excerpt and its a beautiful piece and a true piece that I hope everyone will take some time to read:
I see the Arab world as a collection of paranoid and divided dictatorial regimes. I see a part of the world being led by so-called moderate leaders (meaning they serve Western interests), who are leading their people irrationally and immoderately. I see countries that are not sovereign, in which the people are not being encouraged or allowed to take part in the process of determining their own future interests. I see a gang of dictatorships which have sold their souls to the highest bidder, at the expense of the Arab people and their rights, hoping that by doing so they can hold onto their dishonest power. I see governments that would easily collapse from the inside pressures of the people, were they not being propped up by powerful outside supporters with their own selfish interests in mind. I see cowardly leaders who have basically decided that for them remaining in control is more important than their people's inherent rights.

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  1. Marion very good article, thank you for sharing it.