Thursday, April 16, 2009

Veolia loses another contract in Bordeaux

The Greater Bordeaux local government give a contract for the management of the biggest urban network in France to Keolis, a subsidiary of SNCF over Veolia. Veolia has been involved in the construction of a tramway in Jerusalem, designed to link West Jerusalem with illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Veolia has now lost contracts that are worth more than $7.5 Billion in Stockholm, West Midlands (UK) and Bordeaux.


  1. WOWWWWW! I already made a post maybe 2 months ago when they lost their first contract and not a second! They should have revised their decision to go ahead with this criminal project in the OT.

  2. $7.5 billion...that's a lotta money.

    Saif and others, can you name any organizations that you feel are most worthy of support w/r/t to helping the Palestinians? Ones that you feel are not compromised and really offer direct help. With limited time and money I want to make sure my resources go in the right direction.